Rigby & Peller, official corsetiere to the Queen, opens Guildford store

PUBLISHED: 12:19 20 November 2012 | UPDATED: 22:23 20 February 2013

Rigby & Peller, official corsetiere to the Queen, opens Guildford store

Rigby & Peller, official corsetiere to the Queen, opens Guildford store

When Rigby & Peller opened their brand new store in Guildford, there was a veritable stampede by Surrey ladies Рbecause the company is the official corseti̬re to the Queen, no less.


Rigby & Peller
16 Tunsgate Guildford, Surrey GU1 3QT
Tel: 01483 533969

When Rigby & Peller opened their brand new store in Guildford, there was a veritable stampede by Surrey ladies because the company is the official corsetire to the Queen, no less. Store manager Amanda Menikou tells us more about this iconic British brand

Rigby & Peller has over 70 years experience of fitting lingerie, but how did it all start?
The company was established in 1939, with just one store in the heart of London, by friends Bertha Rigby and Gita Peller. In 1982, the company was acquired by June and Harold Kenton and transformed into the worldwide destination that it is today, known for its luxury lingerie styling and solutions the company is renowned for ensuring that every customer finds their perfect fit and support.

And the company famously received the Royal Warrant back in 1960?
Thats right; Rigby & Peller is synonymous with discretion and excellence and this is testament to the company being awarded a prestigious Royal Warrant in 1960 for services to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

We were fascinated to read that June Kenton is, in fact, the official corsetire to the Queen?
Yes, in the same year that she acquired Rigby & Peller, June Kenton became personal Grantee of the Royal Warrant as corsetire to the Queen and still is today.

So tell us more about the stylish new store in Guildford
We have felt for some time there was a calling for Rigby & Peller in Surrey and we are pleased to have found the perfect location in Guildford our eighth store to open in the UK. Located in the heart of Guildford in Tunsgate, the boutique offers a range of luxurious lingerie solutions to women in and around Surrey. The store features top brands including the Rigby & Peller label, Marie Jo, Prima Donna and Simone Perele, as well as nightwear, swimwear and shapewear.

And talk us through what happens when visiting the boutique?
The Rigby & Peller experience starts with a fitting by one of our trained lingerie stylists; these fittings can be pre-booked or are available on a walk-in basis.

Our lingerie stylists are trained to fit all aspects of underwear and swimwear, though they never use a tape measure to determine your size as a tape measure cannot take into consideration body shape. Instead, they are trained to assess each individual customer by using their superior product knowledge and fitting expertise, which is only gained by the unique Rigby & Peller training.

A fitting at Rigby & Peller can take as long as you would like, from 10 minutes or until the customer feels entirely satisfied with their purchase.

Weve all read that were meant to wear the right fitting underwear but what are the benefits?
It has been established that about 80 per cent of the customers who walk through our doors for the first time are wearing the wrong size bra. The biggest mistake women make is wearing a bra too small in the cup and big in the back. When a womans bust gets bigger she thinks shes getting wider in the back. Shes not. Its her cup size thats increasing.

Comfort is the ultimate benefit for women a bra should be comfortable enough to wear all day. A good fitting bra also means improved posture, no pinching and less stress on shoulders and backs. Wearing a bra that has been correctly fitted also does wonders for self-esteem, overall appearance and confidence!

For those who cant make it to the store, we see you have a very smart website too?
Our website is an extension to our stores and features the latest collections and ranges, from lingerie to nightwear and swimwear all of which are available to buy online. Appointments with lingerie stylists can be booked in any store via the website and there is even a dedicated lingerie styling section, which holds an abundance of information from size charts to information on the perfect fit and advice pages. Gift vouchers can also be purchased online and you can create a wish list to be e-mailed to friends and family a great idea for Christmas! You can also find us on www.facebook/rigbyandpeller and www.twitter.com/rigbyandpeller.

What about future plans? Do you foresee any more stores opening in Surrey?
The past year has been a very exciting one for Rigby & Peller, with two brand new stores opening in the UK. As well as the Guildford store, we also opened the doors to a new boutique on Bow Lane in The City of London perfect for busy business women. This brings us to a total of eight stores and there are currently plans to expand further in 2013, but more news on this to come...

Finally, what would be your top tip for women when shopping for lingerie
Make sure you are correctly fitted for your lingerie dont be one of the 80 per cent of women wearing the wrong bra size and if you do get fitted for bras, make sure you are re-fitted every six months. The shape and size of a womans breasts change a number of times in her life. This is mainly due to fluctuations in weight, sport, pregnancy, contraception, medication and diet. Also remember there is lingerie out there for you, no matter what your shape or size Rigby & Peller stock sizes ranging from a 30A to a 48N.

  • Rigby & Peller, 16 Tunsgate Guildford, Surrey GU1 3QT. For more information, call 01483 533969 or visit the Rigby & Peller website at www.rigbyandpeller.co.uk.

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