Redhill pub landlord thanks surgery for new lease of life

PUBLISHED: 14:36 02 June 2015 | UPDATED: 10:06 03 June 2015

“My future is going to be a lot rosier,” says pub landlord David Stanley, three months after surgery.

“My future is going to be a lot rosier,” says pub landlord David Stanley, three months after surgery.


Well-known pub landlord, David Stanley, of The Plough, in St John’s, Redhill, says he has been given a second chance of life and can now plan for the future, thanks to an operation to help him lose weight.

Before the life-changing operation – David Stanley in his toastmaster jacket.Before the life-changing operation – David Stanley in his toastmaster jacket.

Not only has he dropped from 27 stone to 20 stone, but the 6ft former rugby player and boxer will very soon be off his medication for Type 2 Diabetes.

“Before Christmas, my GP told me if I didn’t do something about myself I would be dead,” he says. “The lifestyle of a pub landlord – eating late at night, snatching quick snacks, and drinking beer – has put the weight on, but I knew I didn’t have the self-discipline to lose weight without surgery.”

Since his sleeve gastrectomy operation in January, David says he now has much more energy. He has started getting fit by walking, swimming and returning to his beloved hobby of gardening. He can now run around with his young grandchildren without getting out of breath, and is even sleeping better. Importantly, a recent check-up at his local doctor’s surgery, confirmed that, in a few months’ time, he will be able to stop taking his diabetic medication.

He says he owes this transformation to the skilled weight loss surgery team at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital in Horley, led by consultant bariatric surgeon Simon Monkhouse.

In April the team is celebrated the first anniversary of the weight loss service which has helped 58 people, including six men, in the past 12 months.

“Surgery is not a magic fix and the patients have to work very hard themselves, both before and after surgery, but they are supported with psychotherapy, dietary advice and the hands-on care of our bariatric nurses,” says Mr Monkhouse. “We are not going to make a dent in the obesity levels of the nation, but we will make a massive difference to individuals. Weight loss surgery will change their lives forever, and it can put diabetes into remission for good.”

Rather than focussing solely on weight loss, Spire patients are encouraged to count “non-scale” victories, following their surgery. These victories include being able to take up activities and hobbies again and reducing, or even reversing, medical conditions. As well as counting his own personal victories, David Stanley, who is also a professional toastmaster, wants to share his experience with others.

“It’s the best thing I have ever done. I have told everyone I have had weight loss surgery, and staff and customers have all been so supportive,” he says. He wants to get down to his “fighting weight” of 16-17 stone and is making plans to travel abroad, and start a business in France - one of his favourite holiday destinations.

“Before I had surgery, I couldn’t see a good future for myself and I felt down, but since the op, I feel good about myself and I know my future is going to be a lot rosier,” says the 67-year-old.


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