Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer’s fashion tips for Surrey chaps – March 2017

PUBLISHED: 19:32 23 March 2017 | UPDATED: 19:34 23 March 2017

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymers fashion tips for Surrey chaps

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymers fashion tips for Surrey chaps


Chap-hop star, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, shares his seasonal recommendations for style-conscious Surrey gents every month in Surrey Life magazine

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine March 2017


Well, winter is sort of officially over, although it’s hard to tell at the mo. At the star of the year we had all the best of intentions to get outside and get fit or some such nonsense, but it’s just too ruddy cold for the sort of thing. Now we may have no excuse. Time to get back outside and face the elements chaps! Here are a few tips on how best to brave the outdoors having been ensconced in cosiness for a few months.

Double breasted blazer

You’ve been tucked away in your hermitage since November, so you might as well make a proper effort upon re-emergence. A double-breasted blazer emboldens a chap. Sometimes too much, but it’s worth a pop. For full effect go for brass buttons.

Grey flannel trousers

Be you in the city (Guildford, perhaps) or the country (a Sunday stroll on Box Hill) a pair of grey flannel trousers (I personally would go for ‘bags’, but if you must you can wear them straight legged) help a chap cut a dash in any environment. A classic in any chap’s book.

Tattersall check shirt

Not all chaps should wear one all the time, but all chaps should own one. The classic ‘county gent’ shirt was in fact invented in London and named after the horse market, but that was over 300 years ago, so it was the sort of London that still traded horses. The window-pane check in comfortable brushed cotton is the perfect shirt for a long stroll, because you can get rather, shall we say warm in it without looking like a puffed out mess.

Walking Socks

I know I’m encouraging us all to go outdoors, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s not summer yet. A nice pair of sturdy cable knit socks will make sure your manly tootsies don’t get chilly. Do of course pull them up if you’re wearing plus fours.

Mr.B Character Pin Badge

This is by no means advertising on my part, I just honestly believe that one of these little numbers will add panache to any chap’s lapel. It’s also rather good at catching that first glimpse of sunshine on an early springtime (available from


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