Made in Surrey: 3 designers to have on your radar

PUBLISHED: 18:44 03 November 2020 | UPDATED: 18:49 03 November 2020

A selection of Hive Country hats

A selection of Hive Country hats


In a new series supporting emerging design and cutting-edge style, Surrey Frills brings you the stories of artisan designers based in the county. First up Tempest + Queen, Shore & Pine and Hive Country.

Tempest+Queen charmsTempest+Queen charms

Tempest + Queen

Founders and designers: Nic and Fi, Godalming

Tempest + Queen is a contemporary jewellery brand creating design led demi-fine jewellery to be worn, layered, gifted and enjoyed. Demi-fine jewellery is the Goldilocks of jewellery, not ultra high-end, not costume – falling somewhere in the middle, offering high-quality and stylish pieces with palatable price points.

Friends, founders and co-owners, Nic and Fi offer an eclectic selection of timeless classic and playfully creative pieces – “jewellery for the storm and the rain”, incorporating diverse inspirations from nature to art and celestial to the zodiac symbols. “That’s the beauty of our brand name – be bold, be brave, be Tempest. Be elegant, be beautiful, be Queen,” they say. Every piece is designed and handcrafted by Nic and Fi in their Surrey studio. Their eye for detail and wearability is evident; Tempest + Queen is definitely one to have on your radar.

Shore & Pine - leading the Trashion trendShore & Pine - leading the Trashion trend

Shore and Pine

Founder and designer: Saz Fenn, Reigate

Did you know that in the UK alone, 350 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill every year? One of the creative visionaries turning this waste into fashion or ‘trashion’ – is Saz Fenn. Sustainability is key to Saz’s brand ethos – she only uses vintage fabrics, remnants and waste garments and textiles to produce her clothes.

Merging important social conversation with contemporary and innovative design, each piece in the collection is cut and constructed by Saz herself. But what really sets her apart is her ability to mix and contrast colour and prints to produce exquisite bespoke pieces, blending feminine with edgy, resulting in wearable art. From the fabric that is sourced locally, the quality of the production and the waste-free packaging, sustainability is at the heart of the brand. “I’m helping to save the planet one garment at a time,” she says.

A selection of Hive Country hatsA selection of Hive Country hats

Hive Country

Founder and designer:Victoria Walsh, West Horsley

Hive Country offers a medley of lovingly-made fashion and accessories inspired by the beautiful nuances of our planet. For designer and creator, Victoria Walsh, nature’s beauty and diversity are rich sources of inspiration. “I learnt to sew at an early age,” she says. “My grandmother showed me how to create something new and wonderful from something old and unloved.” Coupled with her affection and appreciation of nature, the idea behind Hive Country is to celebrate and preserve the flora and fauna around us.

Paying homage to heritage and the British countryside, Victoria has In support of emerging design and cuttingedge style, created sleek smart staples and classics with a modern twist. The style is relaxed, chic and comfortable, current but timeless. The look works perfectly for urbanites as well as country folk, keeping you protected and comfortable in all weather.

Each beautifully-wrapped item includes a small bag of bee-friendly wildflower seeds, so customers can create their own little meadow.

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