Cravats to be the talk of any gentlemen’s club

PUBLISHED: 21:06 08 January 2015 | UPDATED: 18:26 09 January 2015

The Cravat Club

The Cravat Club


Adding a touch of class to any gentleman’s outfit, cravats have been enjoying something of a comeback of late – and we’re loving these stylish examples from Woking-based company Cravat Club.

All their cravats are made here in Britain from 100% premium quality silk and then sold worldwide via their website.

“Cravats have always held a rather antiquarian image, although a resurgence has emerged as gentlemen become more and more style-conscious,” says the director of Cravat Club, Jennifer Meguro.

“Fashion movements for the well-dressed sartorial chap, such as ‘neo-classic’, ‘neo-dandy’ and ‘dapper’, are ever-increasing in popularity.

“As a result, prevalence in men’s accessories has escalated hugely with the bow-tie, pocket square, lapel pin, boutonnière and now the cravat becoming a staple part of a man’s wardrobe.”

Day cravats, more commonly known as ‘ascots’ or ‘ascot ties’ to our neighbours across the pond, are typically worn around the neck and tucked inside the collar of a shirt.

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