Surrey's Richest 50 2010 - the top ten

PUBLISHED: 17:07 05 April 2012 | UPDATED: 17:29 20 February 2013

Surrey's Richest 50 2010 - the top ten

Surrey's Richest 50 2010 - the top ten

It may have been a tough year for the economy, but that doesn't seem to have had much of an effect on Surrey's millionaires


Lady Annabel Goldsmith, 75, and family
300m (no change)

The widow of the billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith, Lady Annabel, who lives near Richmond Park, has carved out her own successful career as a writer. Her autobiography, Annabel: An Unconventional Life, reached number four in the non-fiction best-seller list in 2004. Meanwhile, as Surrey Life went to press, her son Zac Goldsmith had just been voted in as Conservative MP for Richmond Park.

Sir James Goldsmith, who died from cancer in 1997, made his fortune in the 1980s through taking over companies and selling off their assets at huge profits. His fortune was then estimated to have been at least 1.2 billion. Some will have gone to his favoured environmental causes and also to his French family. But we reckon Lady Annabel and her family should have received at least 300m from his estate.


Navin, 59, and Varsha Engineer, 55
325m (last year 150m)

the Egham-based pharmaceutical company Chemidex is run and owned by Navin Engineer and his wife Varsha. It is making some serious profits: in 2008-09, Chemidex Pharma and another smaller but separate operation together made 8.5m profit. In 2009-10, profits should hit 11m.

Engineer started out by setting up his own successful chemist chain. Working 18 hours a day with his wife, they eventually built up a group of 14 pharmacies, which they sold in 1999 for around 12m. That funded Engineers ambition to build a leading pharmaceutical operation.

Debt-free and with its string of patents and profitability, Chemidex should be worth around 300m. We add 25m for property and other assets.


David Gold, 73, and family
Media and football
360m (last year 300m)

Having sold Birmingham City FC and stood down as chairman, David Gold has bought a 50 per cent stake in West Ham along with his business partner David Sullivan. The deal valued the East London Premiership club at 105m. Gold had 16 years at Birmingham and made around 20m from selling his stake.

Also the owner of Gold Group International, the business has interests ranging from property to the Whyteleafe based Ann Summers company, the latter being run by his daughter, Jacqueline. In 2009-10, profits at the Gold Group should be 7.5m. In total, it is worth perhaps 120m.

He has also made tens of millions from the sale of other businesses, and with properties including a 6.5m home in Caterham, David Gold is worth around 360m.


Mark Dixon, 50 Property
447m (last year 330m)

A former sandwich and later hamburger salesman, Mark Dixon formed his Chertsey-based property group, Regus, in 1989. It floated on the stock market in 2000 and the shares soared initially, making Dixon a billionaire on paper, but six years ago the shares went into free-fall following over-expansion. However, Dixon nursed the business back to health, and they opened their 1,000th Regus business centre last September. With a 356m stake, plus other assets, he is easily worth 447m after-tax.


Boris Berezovsky, 64
Industry and finance
550m (last year 450m)

Russian business tycoon Boris Berezovsky left his home country in 2000, first for his south of France estate, which cost him around $70m, and then London. In 2004, he bought the 10m Hascombe Court estate, near Godalming, from DJ Chris Evans, which he still owns today.

A former computer scientist, Berezovsky then went into the car industry, setting up the first Mercedes dealership in Moscow, and later moved into the oil business.

In 2006, Berezovsky paid 170m for a super yacht, before selling it last autumn, while it was still under construction, for about 217m and a profit estimated at 47m.

With this in mind, and asset prices rising again, we now value Berezovsky at around 550m.


Mohamed Al Fayed, 81
Retail and football
945m (last year 650m)

With the Cottagers excelling in Europe after a good 2009-10 Premier League campaign, chairman Mohamed Al Fayed can be well pleased with progress in the 12 years he has been at Fulhams helm. However, football is just one of many interests.

Until earlier this month, he was perhaps best-known as the boss of luxury department store Harrods, but has just sold the business to Qatar Holdings for 1.5 billion. Qatar Holdings, which controls the Middle East states oil wealth, is now expected to back an expansion programme into new areas including China to tap into the growing wealth there.

Hving owned the store for 25 years, Al Fayed will remain as honorary chairman, though he now plans to spend more time with his children and grandchildren. His other trophy assets Fulham and the Ritz Hotel in Paris are not included in the sale.

The Al Fayed family has had 368m in dividends from Harrods since 1999. This has enabled Al Fayed to effectively bankroll Fulham. He has put 165m into the club in total and wrote off 9.5m in 2007.

Also the owner of a Surrey estate near the M25 in Oxted, in 2008 Al Fayed successfully sued an oil company after it extracted oil from beneath his land without his knowledge. He was awarded nine per cent of the 7m the company made from the well after a judge found in his favour.

Al-Fayeds sale proceeds, past dividends plus other assets including his yachts and estates, should take him to around 945m.


Mark Coombs, 50
950m (last year 526m)

based in Wimbledon, banker Mark Coombs studied law at Cambridge and went on to run the specialist City investment group Ashmore. His stake there is now worth 840m and he also sold 192m worth of shares at the float. Overall, he should easily be worth 950m after-tax and with other assets.


Nadhmi Auchi, 72
Finance and property
1.2 billion (no change)

Born in Iraq, Kingston- based Nadhmi Auchi has lived in Britain for more than two decades.During that time, he has turned a relatively small company, General Mediterranean Holding, into a multinational conglomerate worth at least 1 billion.In Britain, he also has a small property company, Tucan Investments, with 30.5m net assets in 2008.With other assets, Auchi should still be worth around 1.2 billion.


Pyotr Aven, 55
2.27 billion (NEW)

The head of Russias biggest private bank, Alfa Bank, Pyotr Aven is also the owner of his countrys largest private collection of Russian art.Having graduated from Moscow State University, he worked his way up the Russian government before going into business in 1994.Here in Surrey, Aven built a house at Wentworth in 2008 on an 8m plot. The property is reckoned to have cost 43m. He can afford it: his fortune is put at 2.27 billion in the latest Forbes list of world billionaires.


Alisher Usmanov, 56
Industry and football
4.7 billion (NEW)

the richest man in Surrey, Alisher Usmanov is best-known as the owner of a 26 per cent stake in Premiership football club Arsenal.

An Uzbek billionaire several times over, his stake is worth 149m, but thats small change for Usmanov, who also owns the Tudor mansion at Sutton Place outside Guildford, with its surrounding 300 acres, which used to belong to oil tycoon Paul Getty.

A self-confessed Gooner, Usmanov says: My love for Arsenal is like that of a man for a woman. It is not something you can sell.

The son of a former state prosecutor in Tashkent, Usmanov became rich through steel and iron ore mines, which are at the core of his fortune. He owns half of Metalloinvest, Russias biggest iron ore miner, which is reported to be looking to float on the stock market with a valuation of up to 12 billion. Usmanov has made further investments in media, telecoms and banking, too.

The owner of a brand-new 110m yacht, which will be named Dilbar (after his mother), Usmanov also owns a 48m mansion in north London, and in September 2007 he splashed out 20m to buy the art collection of the late cellist Mstislav Rostropovich for a state museum.

Altogether, he is easily worth 4.7 billion right now, making him the 100th richest person on the planet and the wealthiest in Surrey by some way!

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine June 2010

It may have been a tough year for the economy, but that doesnt seem to have had much of an effect on Surreys millionaires in fact, many of them have even increased their fortunes. Here, we bring you our annual guide to the wealthiest people in the county, compiled by Philip Beresford, the writer of the Sunday Times Rich List

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