Steve Backshall’s Wild World Tour at Dorking Halls - review

PUBLISHED: 22:31 22 November 2016 | UPDATED: 22:31 22 November 2016

Steve Backshall with Archie and Cailen

Steve Backshall with Archie and Cailen


Did you know that the Greenland Shark can live to 400 years and is the oldest vertebrate animal? Well I certainly didn’t until I took my family to Steve Backshall’s Wild World Tour at Dorking Halls…

Kid’s favourite Steve Backshall has been a regular on children’s TV for many years with his excellent mix of enthusiasm and deep naturalist knowledge, which enables him to interact with deadly animals to such an extent that, to the untrained eye, it appears to be borderline dangerous! It’s safe to say that my boys Cailen and Archie are massive fans.

The show kicked off with Steve walking around on stage in-front of a large screen and the immediate concern was he was just going to play a ‘best of’ his TV shows with limited live contribution. However this wasn’t the case at all. The framework of the show allowed the TV snippets to enhance and demonstrate some of the fascinating insight he provided on the natural world as we virtually flew from one side of the globe to the other.

The first half of the show was always going to be a hit as it focused exclusively on sharks - a favourite of mine and, safe to say, of a majority of the kids. However, what was so fascinating was it focussed on many members of the shark family and included everything from behaviour to their evolution through to the misunderstanding of the dangers they pose.

After a Q&A session, the second half focussed on developing the overall theme and exploring some of the most extreme environments on the planet from the Arctic to the Antarctic; from the tundra to the top of the world’s highest peaks; and from the depths of the rainforest to the bottom of the sea, with some of the most fascinating animals shown and discussed. This included everything from blue whales to a cassowary - a bird that resembles a dinosaur native to the tropical forests of New Guinea.

Aside from being exciting, fascinating and funny there was an overriding message of the importance of conservation for the generations to come and an active call out to kids in the audience that one of them may very well be the next Sir David Attenborough or Dian Fossey. A great message to take away.

All in all a great show, which had us all enthralled with the added bonus of Steve doing a meet and greet after which made many kids’ day, including Cailen and Archie’s!

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