Rose Theatre trustee Robin Hutchinson on his perfect Surrey weekend

PUBLISHED: 15:12 18 May 2012 | UPDATED: 07:54 11 June 2014

Rose Theatre trustee Robin Hutchinson on his perfect Surrey weekend

Rose Theatre trustee Robin Hutchinson on his perfect Surrey weekend

A founding trustee of Kingston’s Rose Theatre, ROBIN HUTCHINSON is generally to be found organising quirky community events – from suburban ski Sundays to giant board games and even a cheese club – in his home town of Surbiton. When he has a moment to himself, it’s usually spent thinking up yet another inspired madcap venture

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine March 2012


I LOVE that moment on a Friday afternoon when you can hear the weekend walking up the path and coming to the front door.

A great start to my evening will be to go out for a meal with my wife Ann to one of the many great restaurants that we have in Surbiton. It gives us a chance to catch up and me a moment to apologise for all the stupid things I’ve arranged for us to do.

After that, we might wander down to The Lamb public house on the Brighton Road, where we are bound to meet up with people who are involved in the community events we organise in the Seething area of town.

An ideal Saturday morning will start slowly, but as most people know, I do love to exercise so it won’t be long before I’m hustling the family out of the door. One of the nicest walks or runs can be along the Thames riverside from Seething, on through Surbiton, and towards Kingston town centre.

Starting at Seething Wells, which was once the base of Mount Seething and home of the legendary goatboy Lefi Ganderson (you’ll have to come to one of our events to find out more!), it’s worth pausing to look out at the filter beds on the Portsmouth Road and enjoy the diverse range of wildlife there.

Then it’s on along the Queen’s Promenade with its captivating views across the river. As you first walk into Kingston proper, one of the first places you will see is the beautifully landscaped O’Mahony Square, home of the British Bread Golf Open.

Every year, in November, competitors descend on Kingston to take part in this rapidly growing popular sport.

Unique and boutique
As the family begins to tire, I will be encouraged to stop and take light refreshment at Woody’s Bar and Restaurant on the riverside. This, like The Lamb, is a privately owned concern that caters for the more creative side of Kingston. It is one of the great pleasures to see more unique and boutique businesses springing up in the area giving a very special flavour to our home.

From there, it might be a trip to the Rose Theatre or over the bridge to either Home Park or Bushy Park.

Sunday is a day for charging the batteries or it could well be one of our own events, which are open for anyone and everyone to join in. It is always just great to see the community come together to have fun and there is no doubt that it really adds to the sense of place.

Whatever happens, I know that on Monday morning I will be feeling happy that I am surrounded by positive people and live in a great location.

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