On Surrey potholes... an Outnumbered life... and behind the scenes of breakfast radio

PUBLISHED: 18:57 10 April 2014 | UPDATED: 13:53 03 July 2014

Where are the worst potholes in Surrey?

Where are the worst potholes in Surrey?


BBC Surrey Breakfast Show host James Cannon takes us behind the scenes of his busy life – at the station’s Guildford studios, out and about in our county and in his hometown of Woking with the family

I cannot describe the joy that some roadworks have recently given me. Every morning at around 4.45am, my early commute takes me via the A320. Now I’m rubbish at remembering road names (I’ve just checked online that it actually is the A320!) but you’ll know it as the road that goes from Woking through to Guildford past the Slyfield Industrial Estate.

Anyway, for the past year, it has topped my list for having the worst potholes in Surrey. One of my colleagues, the excellent Joe Talbot (who hosts our Sunday morning gardening show Dig It and Feel Good Friday every Friday afternoon from 12noon) dropped me a note recently to say that he had the misfortune of having to use it, describing the condition as being like a third world country. However, that has all changed.

Imagine my joy when the diggers and scraper machines turned up and transformed a bone-rattling, rumbling and often puddle-ridden drive into something resembling a snooker ball rolling across the green felt of the table. An utter delight; my fillings have never had it so good. It’s all part of Project Horizon, the £100m project to get Surrey’s roads in better shape. My joy has, however, been slightly tempered by the increase in council tax to help pay for it!

A lesson learned

Sometimes I feel that my life is too like an episode of Outnumbered. I recently arrived to pick up the kids from after-school club late one Wednesday, and went into a major panic as I noticed lots of teachers and an unusual amount of parents. It then dawned on me that I’d forgotten all about parents evening.

The deputy head said hello, noticed my stress levels and asked me what class my children were in. My response? “I’m their father – how would I know?” Suffice to say that after a flustered few minutes we worked out that I was booked in the next day. Phew! The thought of having to phone my wife at work explaining my mistake makes me shiver even now.

Catching breath

I’ve often been asked what radio presenters do when the songs are on. People seem to think that I can put my feet up and sip coffee, read the paper and eat toast. However my show is nearly all speech, which means there is sometimes barely a moment to catch your breath between interviews, news and travel. You are 
more than welcome to check out behind the scenes at BBC Surrey by looking at the gallery on our Facebook page (facebook.com/bbcsurrey), which gives an insight into the daily workings of our breakfast show.

To be honest, the results were met by a mixed reception from some of my colleagues. One is now on a diet due to an unflattering ‘muffin top’ picture, whilst another has questioned whether we all do look ‘that rough’ at 5am in the morning. Sadly, I can report that we probably do!


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Potholes in Surrey...

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