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PUBLISHED: 18:19 08 December 2016 | UPDATED: 18:19 08 December 2016

Surrey Life's latest addition to the fashion team, we give you Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer (Photo Scott Chalmers)

Surrey Life's latest addition to the fashion team, we give you Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer (Photo Scott Chalmers)


In his column for style-conscious Surrey gents, chap-hop star Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer shares his seasonal fashion recommendations

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine December 2016

Christmas is upon us, ladies and chaps, so here are a few suggestions as to what the discerning gentleman might request from old Saint Nick to add a little sartorial ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the festive season

Silk-wool scarf

Perhaps think about disposing of that tattered Chelsea Association Football Club scarf that you bought outside the Bridge in 1989… Instead, get yourself something a little more elegant: a double-sided scarf, with a silk print on one side and wool on the other, adds a nice touch of panache. Even to a puffer jacket. Talking of which…

Macintosh raincoat

Throw away said puffer jacket and ask Santa for a proper British raincoat, as worn by the likes of Sir Michael Caine and Winston Churchill. This item is not only weather-proof, it is also fashion-proof. It will never stop being stylish.

Leather gloves

Woollen gloves are all very cosy but they cannot hold a candle (quite literally, the wax will encrust them before you can say, ‘Wee Willy Winkie’) to a pair of snug fitting brown leather gloves. Your hands will thank you.

Red socks

Be they silk or wool, red socks are officially acceptable in any social situation, even a black-tie do. They also look rather ‘Christmassy’ in case the rest of your get-up isn’t quite so festive.

Paper crown

Finally, a quick and easy way to get into the spirit of the day: see if you can finish your Christmas day victorious in the ‘who can wear their paper hat the longest’ competition. You know you do it, don’t deny it.


Originally published in Surrey Life magazine November 2016

In a new column for style-conscious Surrey gents, chap-hop star Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer will be sharing his seasonal recommendations with us. Here’s what he suggests for autumnal accoutrements

Brogues: A staple for any discerning English gentleman, no chap should be without a pair. The high street appears to have cottoned onto this, so you shall have no trouble finding some to suit your needs. Perhaps one might even venture into the realms of the rubber sole, for those bracing autumn strolls in the Surrey countryside.

Tweed: Tweed, tweed, glorious tweed. Berwick, the northernmost town in England, has provided us with that bastion of Englishness, the tweed jacket. That said, what with it only being a couple of miles south of the border, the Scots are rather fond of it too. So frightfully British that even Doctor Who likes it, depending upon which Doctor Who he happens to be at the time.

Fair Isle tank top: Another classic. Popular with the Duke of Windsor and Bertie Wooster, the Fair Isle jumper adds a dash of gentle pizazz to one’s otherwise earthy autumn get-up. I suggest the tank top rather than the full pullover.

Baker Boy cap: The ‘Baker Boy’, ‘Paper Boy’ or ‘eight-panel’ will see a chap right in his stroll on the North Downs or indeed as a Peaky Blinder in town. Remember though, never brown in town. A charcoal grey Baker Boy is a cap for all places, and all seasons, but is truly at home post-summer.

Knitted tie: If a chap was to visit a Tie Rack on a high street, he was bombarded with bright silk, which is all well and good in its place but I believe its lack of wool was its ultimate downfall. Be it a striped loose-knit or a woollen check, the knitted tie is both understated and undeniably chappish.


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