Guinness World Record breakers from Surrey

PUBLISHED: 15:06 09 October 2014

Guinness World Record holders from Surrey

Guinness World Record holders from Surrey


Having recorded the zany, the crazy and the downright amazing, the Guinness Book of World Records is celebrating its 60th anniversary – and Surrey residents aren’t averse to the odd record-breaking attempt, as the latest edition attests.

Inside, you’ll discover that the man to run the fastest marathon dressed as a cowboy is Rik Vercoe, from Walton-on-Thames, who tackled the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon in his Wild West best in just over three hours.

There must be something in the water, as the fastest woman to run a marathon in a nurse’s uniform is Caroline Pleasence who hails from Cranleigh. For those who are a stickler for timings, she completed the same race in three hours, 13 minutes and 58 seconds.

Another Surrey resident, Tim Moss, decided that marathon running was all too simple and completed the longest recorded journey in a rickshaw back in 2010. He cycled over 850 miles from Aviemore, Scotland, to West Molesey. But even that can’t compete against our next thrill-seeker…

Cobham resident Rocky Taylor has achieved the longest career as a stuntman. Having started back in March 1961, the 69-year-old was last seen in the 2013 zombie flick, World War Z.

Equally active was Stephen Hyland, who in 2011 completed the most “chin-ups” in one hour (993) in Stoneleigh, near Epsom, for Guinness World Records Day.


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Some for the Surrey pub quiz…


The first ever pop music festival

The first National Jazz (& Blues) Festival was staged at Richmond Athletic Association Grounds in August 1961. Although the first festivals featured renowned jazz stars, rock bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Small Faces, Cream and Deep Purple were appearing on the bill by the mid to late-1960s. The event later became known as the Reading Festival after moving to its permanent home in 1971.


The largest vine

The largest vine is the Great Vine at Hampton Court Palace, in East Molesey, which has a circumference of 12ft 5in and branches typically measuring up to 108ft long. The longest measures 246ft long (as of January 2005).


The least expensive short film (silent)

Cecil Hepworth’s highly successful release of Rescued by Rover (1904) cost £7 13s 9d. Made at Nettlefold Studios in Walton-on-Thames, it had a running time of seven minutes and starred Barbara Hepworth as The Baby and the director as The Father.


Oldest living pigeon

The oldest living pigeon is the former racing pigeon, ‘Peace’, who was born on February 1, 1989, and is owned by Valerie Whittingham of Ashford. ‘Peace’ was 24 years 188 days old (as verified on August 7, 2013).


Oldest hedge maze

Hampton Court Palace can also lay claim to the oldest surviving hedge maze, which was built for King William III and Mary II of England. It was designed by royal gardeners George London and Henry Wise and planted in 1690 using hornbeam to form the hedges. The maze covers an area of 0.5 acres, with a total path length of 800m.


Most people popping party poppers

The largest number of people popping party poppers simultaneously is 743 and was achieved by Grey Court School in Richmond on July 17, 2013.


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