Guildford Lions Club’s Vic Quayle shares his perfect Surrey weekend

PUBLISHED: 10:02 16 June 2017

Vic Quayle

Vic Quayle


As Guildford Lions Club celebrates its 50th year, long-standing member Vic Quayle tells us about one of the many weekends he spends helping to organise local events for the club

Some of Guildford Lions with the Mayor of Guildford at a recent eventSome of Guildford Lions with the Mayor of Guildford at a recent event

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine June 2017


Each year we organise four or five big public events for the community and to raise funds for our various causes. Work on each of these starts six months ahead with the committee booking attractions, holding discussions with the council, arranging publicity and so on.

For me, a good start to the weekend is to set aside time for Skyping our elder daughter in Sydney, washing the car and getting to grips with all the other routine domestic duties.

I am a bit of a writer and if there are no special plans for a day I will aim to spend a couple of hours at the computer. My most recent book, Waltzing Matilda Around Australia, about a year travelling in Australia by motorhome is being followed by a ‘how to’ book to help others undertake the sort of amazing trip I had with my wife, Pam. I am also writing a book about my time as an environmental health officer.

Last month offered a typical example of a ‘Guildford Lions weekend’. Being part of the Easter Fayre committee, the Saturday of Easter weekend involves getting a van from Methold Van Hire, a great club supporter, and filling it with equipment from our free storage unit kindly provided to us by Big Yellow.

Sunday is an early start and I will join a crew of other Lions in Shalford Park setting out the site for the fayre, and getting as much ready in advance of the big day on Monday. There are temporary fences to put up, a car park and classic car display to lay out, dog show arena to set up, and much more, and if everything goes to plan we will be finished by lunchtime.

I then head back home for a snack and walk with our lovely Labrador, Wellington (aka Welly), on Merrow Downs, and then spend the evening with the Sunday paper and maybe some time in front of the television.

The fayre starts very early with car booters arriving at 6.30am and I join a shift of fellow Lions getting them parked and taking entry money. Alongside this, traders and attractions arrive and set up. During the day almost all our 50-or-so club members will be involved.

The main show opens at 11.30am, by which time I have grabbed my camera from the car, and for the rest of the day I have a roving commission to take photographs and assist where necessary.

The dog show is always good for photos and the classic cars, for which I usually do a commentary as I am the resident petrolhead in our club.

Within the club I am also responsible for our social media presence, so at around 4pm, I head home to write a report and update our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

The others pack up the site and put it back in storage in time to head to a pub with the ‘WAGs’, many of whom have been helping during the day, for a drink and well deserved meal.

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