Lady Taverners - join the club

PUBLISHED: 12:16 20 August 2010 | UPDATED: 17:44 20 February 2013

Lady Taverners - join the club

Lady Taverners - join the club

Whatever your feelings about Margaret Thatcher, she was the catalyst for the fundraising organisation, the Lord's Taverners, to form a ladies' branch. Here, East Horsley resident Denise Horne, tells us about when Bill Clinton came to dinner

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine August 2010

Whatever your feelings about Margaret Thatcher, she was the catalyst for the famous fundraising organisation, the Lords Taverners, to form a ladies branch. Here, East Horsley resident Denise Horne, the immediate past national chairman, tells us what they get up to including when Bill Clinton came to dinner

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When was the club set up?
Founded in 1987, the Lady Taverners is the ladies arm of the Lords Taverners, the UKs leading youth cricket and disability sports charity, which was started in 1950 by a group of actors including Sir John Mills, Jack Hawkins and Eric Morecambe. Our patron and 12th man is The Duke of Edinburgh.

While the Lords Taverners is famous for its charitable giving to cricket, we tend to focus our fundraising on specially adapted minibuses and sport and recreation for young people with special needs.

How often do you meet?
The Surrey region organises approximately five events each year and the Surrey committee, headed by Joan Beard, has monthly meetings to discuss the running of their future events and they welcome members becoming involved.

Whats the best thing about being a member of the club?
The friendship and camaraderie; the wide variety of national and regional events ranging from gala balls, celebrity golf days, tribute lunches and dinners to fashion shows; fundraising while having a great time; visiting the special needs schools and presenting minibuses or specially adapted sporting equipment to the youngsters that we help and putting big smiles on lots of faces.

Do you find being surrounded by like-minded individuals inspiring?
Absolutely our members come from all walks of life, have very varied careers and enjoy having fun.

How many members do you have in all?
Currently, there are around 164 members in Surrey.

Do you have links with other clubs as well?
Mainly cricket clubs via the Lords Taverners.

Whats the most interesting story from the groups history?
The Lords Taverners is the overall charity and all Prime Ministers are invited to become a Lords Taverner. When Baroness Thatcher came into power, she clearly could not become a Lords Taverner so the Lady Taverners was formed. We are immensely proud that she is our honorary Lady Taverner, No1.

We were also absolutely thrilled to have President Clinton attend our gala dinner in London on October 30 as our guest speaker. It was the biggest fundraiser in the history of the charity, raising 200,000.
I am also delighted that this year the Lady Taverners were invited to become full voting members of the Lords Taverners.

and the funniest?
At a minibus presentation for youngsters with special needs, our fantastic fellow member and great club supporter, Ainsley Harriott, entertained the children with his usual flamboyant style of singing and dancing with them.

Not wanting to leave anyone out of the celebrations, he then rushed into the canteen to involve the ladies who were cooking lunch. An impromptu energetic dance with the ladies around the tables followed. Wonderful fun for everyone!

When is your next event that is open to the public/potential new members?
We have a number of events coming up in Surrey. Next up, on Wednesday September 8, we will be holding a race night at Kingswood Golf Club.

Describe your club in five words...
Fundraising with fun, style and friends!

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