Make 2014 a year to remember in Surrey with Mirage Parties

PUBLISHED: 16:04 13 February 2014 | UPDATED: 16:04 13 February 2014

Mirage Parties, Surrey

Mirage Parties, Surrey


Do you have a landmark event coming up in 2014 that you wish to celebrate, but don’t know how to go about it? Is there a landmark birthday or wedding on the horizon?

Mirage Parties, SurreyMirage Parties, Surrey

Whatever the event you want to celebrate in 2014, Surrey-based luxury party planners, Mirage Parties, is here to guide you through the areas you need to consider to make sure 2014 is a year you will remember for a long time to come.

Turn dreams into reality

You are someone who wants a high-end celebration that will leave you and your guests talking about it for many years to come. You are not a person who is satisfied with the mundane and run-of-the-mill, you want something unique and luxurious that portrays who you are.

Mirage Parties, SurreyMirage Parties, Surrey

You may have been thinking about this party for a while and now need it to happen. Will your ideas work? Are you missing anything? Will your guests be impressed?

Here are our tips on what you need to think about to turn your dream into reality and create the party of a lifetime:

Plan, plan plan

Mirage Parties, SurreyMirage Parties, Surrey

You need to give yourself plenty of time to create the party of your dreams. If you want a party this summer you need to start planning and making the arrangements now. This is especially important if you want something out of the ordinary as leaving this decision until a few weeks before the planned date may lead to disappointment when you find its already booked so unavailable. In other words… get planning now!

Party styling and themes

Getting the theme and style of your party right is crucial to the ambience and ultimate success of the event. Have a brainstorm and think about themes from the most simplistic to the fantastical. What films do you like? Colours? Countries? Places? Music? If you are not keen on a theme choose a style. Some of the best parties we have created have been based on: The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, an African safari, black and white, Bollywood, bright colours and finally a really great one Toffs, Chavs and WAGs. Choose something that can be incorporated in the design of the invitations, costumes, entertainment, food, music etc.

Perfect party venue

There is no need to hire a venue. Erecting a marquee on your land gives you maximum flexibility and literally puts the party on your doorstep. The type of marquee ranges from simple rain covers to full-blown structures in a wide variety of shapes. You could have a giant yurt or tipi, a mirror tent, or perhaps a stretch tent that is adapted to the space available and hold your party in areas not normally able to accommodate a tent or marquee.


The entertainment you choose will make or break the party and needs to be matched carefully to the theme and your guests. Get the entertainment right and people will talk about your party for months… get it wrong and they will still be talking about it, but not in a way you would want them to. We can provide impressive top party bands, professional club DJs, Vegas styled show girls, body art/UV make-up artists, fire acts, club drummers, mind readers, acoustic guitarist plus countless other performers and the immensely popular photo-booth.

Something special

For your party to be unforgettable it will need a certain je ne sais quoi, that certain something your guests will not have seen before. Whether it is interesting canapés, such as those we had at a recent African themed party that included weaver ants, perhaps a vodka luge or stunning attention-grabbing entertainment. Remember not to show your hand too soon – reveal your ‘something special’ later on when the party is in full swing.

Food and drink

The choice of food to give your guests is endless. Do you want light bites, a full-blown sit-down serviced meal or something in-between? Canapés come in all shapes and sizes and high end deliciously appetising delicacies presented beautifully always impress guests. Bowl food allows the party to flow as guests can easily circulate and chat. There is always something special about a BBQ - don’t think burgers and sausages, think seared wild pigeon breast, tuna sashimi, tea-smoked salmon and Japanese chicken. Don’t forget the drinks – a key focal point of a party is the bar which can range from a simple clothed table up to a large round mirrored or backlit bar with professional cocktail barmen. Cocktails are a must - they elevate the party from ordinary to special and why not add another dimension to the night by using a flare barman.


The lighting you choose will have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of your party. Whether your party is at a venue, in your garden, on a beach or a mountain top you must not neglect the lighting. To get this right some lighting design advice is recommended as the devil is in the detail and this is no more apparent than when the lighting is poor.

And finally… just add guests.

For your party to be the success you want it to be there are a lot of elements that need to be coordinated to all come together seamlessly at the right time. Doing the planning yourself can take the shine off the party for you.

One of the most common comments we get from clients is how stress-free and fun we make the whole party planning process. We produce parties rather than purely plan them and we have the technical expertise to underpin our creativity ensuring outstanding and memorable celebrations. With us overseeing all the on-site preparations, at the party itself managing every aspect and, reassuringly returning to ensure everything leaves, you can focus on enjoying your own party and guests.


For a free planning consultation, get in touch with Julia Brewer or Christian Marryat at Mirage Parties on 01883 740400.

Get inspired, visit our website for many, many more photos of some wonderful parties we have organised over the years –

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