Accidentally signing up for a triathlon... Something in the air in Redhill... The F1 driver revving up a storm in Reigate...

PUBLISHED: 14:17 10 June 2014 | UPDATED: 14:17 10 June 2014


This month, BBC Surrey Breakfast Show host James Cannon on how he accidentally signed up for a triathlon, why there’s just something in the air in Redhill and the F1 driver revving up a storm in Reigate...

As I write this month’s missive, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and everyone I’ve seen today has had a springtime smile on their face. You can tell it’s that special time of the year, not by the buds sprouting in the garden but by the garish colours of Lycra garments that have been pulled out of their winter hibernation and are now being paraded on bodies of all shapes and sizes.

On that note, I recently went along to the Woking half-marathon to cheer on the people taking part. It was a day of glorious sunshine and after raving about it to a friend they asked if I was up for a triathlon. The answer, in case you were asking, was a short and quick, “errr, no thanks!”

However, a few days later we featured the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford and the service they offer to triathletes. In short, you can go and be fully assessed and tested, the aim being to really help in any area that could make someone run, swim or ride faster or more efficiently.

Anyway, in a moment of weakness, I suggested that I go along and record myself being tested. Bearing in mind that I get on a rowing machine about once a week, if that, I don’t think that you can describe me as a honed athlete. But, before I knew it, I had somehow committed to a triathlon and will be sharing the results on my breakfast show with a follow-up in June to see how I have progressed. So, no pressure then...

On the scent

In other news, for a large part of Surrey, this year has been dominated by something in the air. The Redhill stench, as it has become known, has been blighting the lives of people who live near a landfill site in Nutfield. In fact, the wet weather in December and January led to such a bad smell that it even kept people from opening windows and allowing children out in the garden.

I’ve heard reports from people living nearby who say that at times their lives were unbearable – and we also heard from a man who had been trying to sell his home but said the smell was putting off anyone even looking.

As you can imagine, social media has been full of comments, and we’ve had people get in touch who had heard us talking about it on air but only really getting the full impact when they’d smelt it when passing nearby. Hopefully, by the time you read this, the smell will be just a distant memory!

Finally, a world away from landfill sites, the F1 season is now well underway with the Spanish and Monaco races taking place this month.

Here at BBC Surrey, we’ve been following the fortunes of Reigate’s Max Chilton who is now in his second season driving for the Marussia team. At 22, he is living the dream as I discovered when we met before the season started.

During our chat, he revealed that as the lights go green on the grid the famous words of Murray Walker ‘GO GO GO!’ echo in his ears! However, don’t expect to see him trying to burn you off at the lights as he is far more likely to be on two wheels riding through the Surrey Hills, as part of his gruelling training routine!

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