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PUBLISHED: 22:31 22 November 2016 | UPDATED: 22:31 22 November 2016

The 4titude team are an important component of the science supply line

The 4titude team are an important component of the science supply line

Philip Traill

Driving through the peaceful village of Wotton, you could be forgiven for thinking it has nothing to broadcast to the wider world other than a high quality of life. Dig beneath the surface, however, and you discover 4titude, a company providing parts for the nation’s life scientists...

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine October 2016


Genetics is an area of science that is growing rapidly, and while the average person driving through the local countryside is unlikely to realise it, Wotton company 4titude is an integral part of the supply chain feeding the pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic markets.

“My colleagues Paul, Thomas and I set up the company in 2005, having worked together previously in a similar company,” says director Peter Collins. “Our initial approach had been to concentrate on the sales and marketing activities, choosing to use subcontractors in eastern Europe to do our production. In 2012, however, we took the decision to invest in our own production facility to give us more security and control.”

From their Wotton base, they manufacture laboratory consumables – such as disposable plastic-ware – and specialist instrumentation for the life science and pharmaceutical industries.

“Every day, one hears about genetics, from crop research and forensic science, to news of genetic mutations that identify a potential cancer,” explains Peter. “We don’t do the testing or make these kits but we do provide the parts that are used in this work.”

Currently, their largest product range is used in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) instrument, which carries out a process to amplify a specific length of DNA – or, as Peter puts it, “you could look at this as a molecular photocopier, producing millions of copies of the same DNA sequence.”

Not quite the sort of company then that you’d necessarily expect to find hidden away in rural Surrey.


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