Giving a Battersea rescue dog a Surrey home - Editor’s letter

PUBLISHED: 07:25 07 July 2014 | UPDATED: 08:27 07 July 2014

Here he is enjoying the view from the top of Reigate Hill (Photo: Lindsey Harrap)

Here he is enjoying the view from the top of Reigate Hill (Photo: Lindsey Harrap)

Lindsey Harrap

First there was the disappearance of the home-made lemon cake – all of it gone; vanished. Then, not two days later, the contents of the kitchen bin spread far and wide. And that’s not to mention the mystery of the missing milk jug.

Contrary to appearances, however, we haven’t been visited by a serial burglar – well, unless that is, a black and white American bulldog can count as such...

As I write, said culprit is curled up in his cosy new basket fast asleep, looking for all the world like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. For the record, though, I can assure you that it would – along with a fair few other things apparently... namely home-made lemon cake from our dear next-door neighbour (sincerely hope she’s not reading this), two slices of my mum’s best salmon, my sister’s handbag etc, etc...

As you may well have guessed, we have a new addition to our family. After the very sad loss of our beautiful boxer dog Brin last year, we decided to get a rescue dog from Battersea Dogs’ Home. And actually, considering that just a few short weeks ago he was a stray on the streets of London fending for himself, he’s settled in remarkably well.

I mean, how is he to know that kitchen work surfaces are meant for preparing food rather than sitting on, or that milk jugs are intended for holding milk rather than hiding in your basket?

In truth, we’re all absolutely smitten. He may be a bit prone to getting into scrapes, but he has the sweetest, loveliest nature and he has brought so much joy into our lives already. Also, like some kind of over-proud parents, we can’t help but feel that he learns super-quickly (naturally we have a canine prodigy on our hands, of course...).

Now, a month in, we’re already enjoying getting out and about with him discovering new places in Surrey, so I’d love to hear your suggestions for any good dog walks! Do drop me an e-mail with your recommendations at

Right, better go... the beast is stirring and I just remembered that I left the milk jug out...

Caroline Harrap, Surrey Life editor




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