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Voicerox Choir - Reigate & Redhill's Rock and Pop Choir - join the club

PUBLISHED: 13:04 31 January 2012 | UPDATED: 20:59 20 February 2013

Voicerox Choir – Reigate & Redhill's Rock and Pop Choir – join the club

Voicerox Choir â€" Reigate & Redhill's Rock and Pop Choir â€" join the club

Voicerox Choir is a rock and pop choir open to beginners and experienced singers alike. There is no audition and no requirement to read music, which results in a wonderfully diverse group of people

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine January 2012

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Name of club: Voicerox Choir Reigate & Redhills Rock and Pop Choir
Based at: Reigate Community Centre, Reigate Methodist Church, 53 High Street, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9AE
Person interviewed: Melanie Lewis
Role in group: Musical director
In a nutshell Voicerox Choir is a rock and pop choir open to beginners and experienced singers alike. There is no audition and no requirement to read music, which results in a wonderfully diverse group of people who have fun and make great bonds of friendship, whilst working together towards the same goals and producing a fantastic sound.

When was the club set up?
I have lived in the local area for most of my life, but my work as a session singer has always taken me away from home, singing with artists such as Gary Barlow, Leona Lewis and Will Young. Although the borough is well served by a variety of performing arts societies, I set up Voicerox in November 2009 because I wanted to work in my local community and use my professional experience in the music industry in a way that wasnt being offered by other groups.

How many members do you have?
There are currently over 100 members.

Where and when do you meet?
We meet every Tuesday evening during term time, 7.45pm, in the Community Centre at Reigate Methodist Church.

Whats the best thing about being a member of the club?
It is incredibly fulfilling for me to help members break through what they initially believe to be their own musical limitations and witness them moving forward, enjoying the excitement of singing in a group of people each week and going on to embrace the challenge and thrill of performing in theatres at our charity concerts.

Do you find being surrounded by like-minded individuals inspiring?
Yes, always! When I formed Voicerox, I had no idea just how much the members would inspire me with their hard work and dedication. Over the past two years, I have seen vast improvements in members abilities and self-belief, as they have mastered complex harmony arrangements despite many of them being beginners when they joined. I have also been moved by their stories of the positive affect being in the choir has had on many of their lives.

Do you have links with other clubs?
Voicerox Choir is unique; we are not linked to other choirs. However, I also run the Voicerox Academy in Redhill for one-to-one voice training for both professional singers and non-professionals looking to improve their vocal technique.

Whats the most interesting story from the groups history?
In December 2010, we were asked to sing at an open air event in Reigate town centre, just before the lights of the towns new Christmas tree were to be turned on. But when the first heavy snow of last winter arrived earlier that week, our final rehearsal was cancelled and it was touch and go whether, firstly, the event would be snowed off and, secondly, if any of the choir would make it there! Despite terrible conditions, the members showed great enthusiasm and team spirit and with the help of St Marks Church Hall coming to our aid at the last minute, we were able to rehearse quickly and walk together through the snow to make our scheduled performance time. The choirs efforts were rewarded by a warm reception from a great crowd of supporters who had come to see us regardless of the freezing temperatures.

and the funniest?
We used to rehearse in a dance studio for our first year and one evening we were again challenged by the weather, this time when a torrential storm began and a waterfall cascaded through the ceiling and down the walls of the studio! We managed to continue singing in the rain albeit huddled into a corner to keep dry, but the following week, even though the roof had been mended, I did advise members that they might like to bring wellies and an umbrella just in case!

When is your next event that is open to the public/potential new members?
Our first rehearsal of 2012 will be on Tuesday January 10 and we will be enrolling new members that would like to join us on our journey towards our summer concert at the Hawth Theatre, Crawley, on Saturday July 14, in aid of St Catherines Hospice.

Describe your club in five words...
Harmonious, exhilarating, professional, entertaining and fun!

  • For more information on joining the Voicerox Choir, call 07976 268442 or visit their website at: www.voiceroxchoir.com.

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