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PUBLISHED: 15:44 18 September 2015 | UPDATED: 16:01 18 September 2015

A riverside stroll from Surbiton to Kingston (Photo: Matthew Williams(

A riverside stroll from Surbiton to Kingston (Photo: Matthew Williams(


The Maple Road area of Surbiton has become one of the go-to places for those searching for something a little unique. Found just off the River Thames, it’s no surprise that inspired ideas continue to thrive in this town

Maple Road is thriving (Photo: Matthew Williams)Maple Road is thriving (Photo: Matthew Williams)

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Did you know?

1 Best-known as the fictional home of 1970s TV sitcom The Good Life (although the programme was actually filmed elsewhere), Surbiton has become a byword for suburban living.

2 A filming connection can also be found at the town’s railway station. It’s here that Harry Potter reads about the Death Eaters’ attack at the Millennium Bridge in the Daily Prophet at the start of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

3 Considered by some to be among the finest modernist train stations in the country, Surbiton’s art deco stylings are certainly iconic.

4 In 1972, Surbiton featured in a Monty Python sketch, where Mr Brian Norris set out to prove that the inhabitants of Hounslow could have been descendants of the people of Surbiton...

5 A rarity these days, Surbiton hosts one of the best independent bookshops in the area thanks to the Regency Bookshop on Victoria Road.

6 There’s something in the water in Surbiton. Over the course of the year, they host a whole plethora of community-spirited events, from the thrills and spills of Suburban Skiing to the creation of giant children’s games.

7 At the heart of Maple Road’s success has been the award-winning Surbiton Farmers’ Market. Not only does it attract some great stalls, but most of the local businesses also now throw something a little different into the mix.

8 The Big Smoke Brew Co was founded in July 2014, turning the back of The Antelope pub on Maple Road into a rather excellent microbrewery.

9 The Rubi cocktail bar is part-owned by cricketing bad boy Kevin Pietersen.

10 A founder member of the Hockey Association in 1886, Surbiton Hockey Club has international pedigree.


A pocket guide:

Drink at: Make sure to visit The Antelope where the range of craft beers is such that it requires multiple visits.

Eat at: The French Table has become a jewel in the crown of the area and a must-visit.

Stay at: Head for the stylish Hotel Bosco.



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