15 retro videos looking back at life in Surrey

PUBLISHED: 09:01 11 February 2020 | UPDATED: 14:39 06 November 2020

High Street - Ewell (c) Michael Jefferies, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

High Street - Ewell (c) Michael Jefferies, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


For good or for bad, life in Surrey certainly has changed considerably since our parents and grandparents grew up here. We take a look at 15 videos showing what life used to be like in Surrey

1) Surrey Scenes (1941)

"The spirit of England finds abundant expression in the lovely county of Surrey"

2) Oil drilling in Guildford (1958)

"This may look like Texas but as a matter of fact it's deep in the heart of Surrey"

3) Dogland Giants in Send (1932)

"These big fellows must be taught obedience"

4) The Queen in Guildford (1957)

"It was a royal day at Guildford. All the town turned out to greet The Queen and Prince Philip"

5) Men about town in Esher (1964)

"The truth is the boys are a bit shy. For all their swagger they aren't quite with it as what you might call 'men about town'"


More of Surrey's history and culture:


6) Greywood Miniature Railway (1956)

"The line is a complete railway system controlled by 27 interlocked signals"

7) Chertsey Assault Course (1966)

"At the school of St Thomas the Apostle in Chertsey they couldn't get a grant to build a gymnasium so they called in the army"

8) Long Ditton Hover Scooter (1960)

"Lord Brabazon at the controls of the hover scooter, the first one-man hovercraft to go on land or water"

9) Chobham Armoured Vehicle (1959)

"To see the Saladin go through its paces, we join its crew at the Army's fighting vehicle research and development establishment at Chobham"

10) Surrey beat Kent at Blackheath (1923)

"At long last! Surrey - chiefly by 'Percy' Fender's brilliant captaincy and 'Bill' Hitch's demon bowling - beat Kent for the first time at Blackheath"


Some of Surrey's best pubs:


11) Shamley Green (1938)

"We're just south of the Hogs Back, a few miles from the capital town of Guildford and heading for Shamley Green"

12) Fairoaks Aerodrome Parachute School (1956)

"Although the club was formed only recently, it already has a waiting list of more than 100"

13) Steeplejack climbs Godalming Church spire (1920)

"A Daring Prank. Mr C.L Ager - the well-known steeplejack - climbs church spire to recover a pocket handkerchief"

14) National Army Museum in Camberley (1966)

"We're not up the Khyber Pass but in an armoury of antique firearms almost enough to restage every battle ever fought"

15) A motorised bath in Kingston (1960)

"Have you ever had the recurring nightmare of taking a bath in public? Terrifying isn't it. Let's meet a group of young men who delight in taking their bath on the public highway"


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