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PUBLISHED: 16:04 04 June 2013 | UPDATED: 16:04 04 June 2013

The train line in Bramley is long gone but the crossing remains

The train line in Bramley is long gone but the crossing remains


In the heart of the Surrey countryside, you’ll find the village of Bramley. While trains no longer run there, it’s still home to an unusually picturesque station and crossing

Village Voice…

“We came to Bramley in 1977,” says Maurice Byham, parish and borough councillor for Bramley. “Moving from a village in Cumbria, we were adamant that we wished to live in a village with a strong community spirit. Bramley has more than lived up to that challenge. The village has a history of fighting for what it believes it deserves to keep (or exclude) and our successful infant school and thriving pubs are a testament to that.”

Did you know?

Probably the most well known variety of apple, the Bramley, has absolutely nothing to do with the village. It actually originates from a town in Nottinghamshire and is named after the nurseryman who lived there. There is, however, a Bramley’s Apple sandwiched between the village’s two pubs, The Jolly Farmer and The Wheatsheaf. It’s a tiny greengrocers owned and run by Christian Braid, who moved in three years ago to sell fresh fruit and veg (yes, including Bramleys…).

One to note…

The village boasts a pair of lovingly restored level crossing gates, where the now long gone railway line used to run through Bramley. The Guildford-Horsham line vanished during the now infamous Beeching cuts. It’s likely that Bramley would today be a busy station if the line had survived.

Did you know 2?

Wind turbines may be a modern phenomenon but how many realise that Bramley was home to one of the first? In 1926, Robert Alexander Robertson moved to the village and built a windmill to charge accumulators, or batteries, for people. His electrical business, RA Robertson and Sons, is still in the family and is as busy as ever in the High Street.

Grab a bite…

For a small village, Bramley can offer a varied selection. Both the pubs on the High Street, The Jolly Farmer (01483 893355) and The Wheatsheaf (01483 892722), offer a range of meals but there’s also The Tea Lounge (01483 893305), Patrie Thai Grill (01483 894422) and The Champan Tandoori (01483 893684).

Something to take home…?

Bramley is also home to specialist performance car dealer, Bramley (0844 8227917). Based at The Foundry, you will have to squeeze through showrooms packed with Ferraris, Porsches, Bentleys and similar thoroughbreds until you find just what it was you were looking for… that 1963 Aston Martin!

In the spotlight…

A few years ago Snowdenham Lane, to the southwest of the village, lived up to its name during the filming of The Holiday, starring Jude Law and Cameron Diaz. The length of the road was sprayed with fake snow for scenes…

Famed garden designer Gertrude Jekyll, who died in 1932, spent a lot of her childhood here. She must have loved the area as she returned in later years to design a garden in Snowdenham Lane and lived not far away in Munstead.

Getting there…

Bramley village lies on the busy A281 a few miles south of Guildford. Sadly, no trains pass through here any more but there are frequent buses from Guildford (Arriva number 53) and there are a couple of free car parks for your new Aston Martin…

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