A Celebration of Surrey Life 2015 magazine

PUBLISHED: 11:46 20 August 2015

A Celebration of Surrey Life 2015

A Celebration of Surrey Life 2015


To celebrate the very best of beautiful Surrey, we’ve created our second stunning 132-page coffee table magazine. In the second volume of A Celebration of Surrey Life, we travel from Banstead to Woking in search of the inspiring and secret. With pages packed full of beautiful Surrey photography and quirky trivia about the places you love, we hope you enjoy the journey – and discover something new to explore, too.

Anti-social behaviour took a turn for the worst in Surrey (Photo: Matthew Williams)Anti-social behaviour took a turn for the worst in Surrey (Photo: Matthew Williams)

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One of the great joys of working on a project such as Celebration is being forced to take a look at the towns and villages we like to think we know so well with a fresh perspective.

With that in mind, we hit the country lanes, attempting to uncover unique and new angles on the places that we love.

This means you take an extra moment to read that sign properly or venture down ‘secret’ 
alleyways you’ve previously 
always walked past. It’s surprising what you find sometimes…

This year, some of the best views I’ve enjoyed have been as a result of getting lost up residential streets in Banstead and Haslemere.

Previously, I’d never realised that lavender leaping was a major anti-social issue (see pic) or that if you walk along the riverside of East Molesey at the right time of day, it begins to represent a sports-shoe shop, as Molesey Boat Club members cast aside their footwear for time on the water.

I’ve also realised how brave those guerrilla knitters who decorate the Dorking Cockerel must be; have you ever tried to cross that roundabout?!

How quickly a whole new portfolio of ‘gems’ opens up, with just a few metres change of perspective. I recently swapped living on one side of Redhill for the other, and new walks and views appeared that I’d previously been ignorant to. Your paint palette changes with the street names.

So, as we embark on our journey from Banstead to Woking, enjoy looking out for the many things that continue to make our towns and villages unique. I encourage you to share your ‘Icons of Surrey’ with us at surreylife.co.uk/photos.

Matthew Williams, editor



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