A Celebration of Surrey Life 2014 magazine

PUBLISHED: 14:34 17 August 2014 | UPDATED: 11:32 20 August 2015

A Celebration of Surrey Life

A Celebration of Surrey Life

To celebrate the very best of beautiful Surrey, we’ve created this stunning 130-page coffee table bookazine. In the first volume of A Celebration of Surrey Life, we travel from Abinger Hammer to Woking in search of the inspiring and secret. With pages packed full of spectacular photography and quirky trivia about the places you love, we hope you enjoy the journey – and discover something new to explore, too.

A mysterious figure looks out over EpsomA mysterious figure looks out over Epsom

A Celebration of Surrey Life 2015 magazine


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There I was, walking along a typical local High Street. The market was bulging with fresh fruit and veg. Some people browsed stalls, while others nipped into air-conditioned shopping centres. I continued my shuffle around town, just watching the world pass by. Suddenly, I stopped and looked up. A bearded face stared down with an expression I couldn’t comprehend. A figure with sunken, menacing eyes...

Found on Epsom High Street, guarding an entrance between shops, the reason for this watcher’s appearance (pictured above) remains a mystery despite a number of enquiries (should you know the answer, please do e-mail!). Before I become too Dan Brown though, I should tie this all together. This mysterious mask is just one fine example of Secret Surrey – ie, however well you think you know our county, there’s always something new and intriguing to explore.

From my early days as ‘tea boy’ at Surrey Life towers, I’ve been lucky enough to meet all sorts of inspiring people in many amazing (and occasionally unusual) places. I’ve seen the county from helicopter, by narrowboat, on Surrey’s main veins of road and rail, and, by my favourite of all methods of transport, foot. I’m always discovering something new.

I’ve come across ballrooms under lakes, intricate bridges in the woods, wartime tunnels under the hills, disappeared palaces that would today be the envy of any tourist attraction, famous figures that have lived and continue to do so in our midst, world-changing minds who work from nondescript business parks. I could go on...

It’s a beautiful county we live in; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. As such, I do hope this picture-led guide of just a few of Surrey’s highlights will shine a light on something new to you. Here’s to Volume 2!

Matthew Williams

Editor, A Celebration of Surrey Life


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