Your April Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

PUBLISHED: 13:03 01 April 2011 | UPDATED: 10:32 21 February 2013

Your April Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

Your April Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

An insight into April... Horoscopes from Patricia C Byron

Your Horoscope for April 2011

By Patricia C Byron

Aries (21st March 20th April)

The Sun is in your sign gives you the opportunity to not just reinvent yourself, but to cast your net far and wide as a most extraordinary line up of planets are set to influence you and your ambitions. What is clear is that you should expect a month of high energy, new starts, and independence; attempting to retain the status quo is not an option. This is powerful stuff Aries and you should strike every iron you can whilst they (and you) are hot. So, what is holding you back? Clearly something or someone is putting the dampers on and inhibiting your actions with set-tos on the cards around the 11th and the 18th, so prepare yourself for a bumpy ride and potential separations. This is not an easy month, but it is one where all possibilities should be grasped with both hands.

Taurus (21st April21st May)

Whilst your energies are being played out with friends, colleagues and associates, there appears to be a gathering momentum building up behind the scenes. Whilst you may not wish to display your plans and actions to the world just yet, there is only so long that you can keep matters under wraps. A new innovative project is about to launch itself, and whilst others may be tweaking the last of the details, ensure that you are prepared. Proceedings are likely to get underway with a start in early April, whilst there may be delays and reversals, it is time to embrace it. Yes, finances are still a bugbear, and will need to be ironed out, but in true Taurean fashion you are unlikely to let anyone pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to pennies.

Gemini (22nd May21st June)

Whilst April highlights your alliances with friends, colleagues and associates, your professional standing and how you are seen in the world is not without its difficulties. Issues which are difficult to pin down or acknowledge appear to be making you feel uncertain and confused as to where it is you are heading, which is causing you to retrace your steps. Whilst this brings some level of assurance, it continues to ratchet up the stakes of your discontentment. If that wasnt enough, you are likely to be busy in a new found role which is adding fuel to your fire. So, prepare yourself for difficult conversations and contentious meetings around the Full Moon on the 18th when finances and issues which are important to you are discussed. Have your answers ready Gemini, as by the 23rd you will know where you are heading.

Cancer (22nd June22nd July)

As recent professional opportunities start to take hold, the New Moon in the first days of April, brings with it a new chapter in your career, and alterations to the status quo. Changes and sudden developments are all likely in the first half of the month which will undoubtedly impinge on how you see your new role. Others in the picture will, too, most certainly have their own views on your actions, and their thoughts will be aired in no uncertain terms. With domestic, family and partnership matters all needing consideration and bringing with them their own responsibilities and burdens, you could end up having to reconsider your position, and whilst there are moments of disagreements, by 21st, there will be success on one level, potentially at the expense of another.

Leo (23rd July22nd August)

If you are currently wishing to broaden your horizons through travel, study or even the internet, events around the New Moon on the 3rd will set you on the road to greatness. A powerful line up of planets with your ruler taking centre stage, will most certainly give you the flying start you crave, and if that brings difficult decisions and choices it will relieve the stress from other areas of your life. You may need to seek some kind of specialist advice before making firm decisions, and if sudden alliances are forged in the process that will assist you in your cause, it is no bad thing. Meanwhile, as finances look particularly weak, you may need to return to reconsider new ways of recouping from others what is due to you.

Virgo (23rd August 23rd September)

As a personal or professional partnership takes on a new tone, it may be time to give some attention to any finances or assets which surround it. A new chapter is about to emerge which will impinge on your professional standing, your home and even the partnership itself. Plans and projects are initiated with great gusto early month and if that entails applying for loans or mortgages or such like, be aware that it is not going to be plain sailing. Difficulties are likely around the 11th, and if that forces you to go back to the drawing board, what you learn in the following weeks may even have you reversing decisions as new information is uncovered. Once you fight your corner on the 19th it will more than compensate for the delays.

Libra (24th September23rd October)

As the spotlight shines on partnerships of all kinds, it may be time to review just how an association ether a new or existing one - is living up to your expectations. The first week of April will bring action, excitement and even unplanned events into your life which could have you reconsidering long held views about your domestic life. Others appear to have the upper hand for now, and whilst it is not always worth upsetting the applecart over trivia, you may just have to rein in their demands as they get ahead of themselves. Whilst you may just have to be the voice of reason, do not make a rod for your own back, as by the 21st you are likely to start to see the validity of their argument and you may find yourself torn in early May.

Scorpio (23rd October 21st November)

Recent trials have left you swimming in a sea of uncertainty and had you yearning for action, so the difficult if welcome events of the 2nd will galvanize you to waste no further time. Feeling refreshed, enthused, and energised, you are likely to reorganise your health regime, your working conditions and even your daily round. The empowering feel-good factor will have you questioning your values as you toy with leaving the past behind and branching out in a new directions. As freedom looks more attractive by the day, it is important that you dont throw the baby out with the bathwater, as you may not yet see things as clearly as you need to and whilst controversial conversations ensue around the 18th make hay Scorpio as professionally, you can do no wrong.

Sagittarius (22nd November 21st December)

As an unusual project or enterprise gets underway in the first week of April, it will bring new opportunities to broaden your horizons and uniting the family. Involvement with offspring and partners are both in the offing, and if that has you sacrificing elements of your domestic or professional life it is a price worth paying. However, you should be aware that the odd delay and setback is likely and whilst it is enough to get others on the warpath, you may need to retain that Sagittarian generosity of spirit and avoid involving yourself in the fray. As obligations to friends and neighbours may need to be attended to, and the decoration of your home in the offing too, it looks like you will have the busiest of Aprils.

Capricorn (22nd December 20th January)

The clarion call for wholesale changes continues, and whilst the natural Capricorn instinct for caution and prudence remains in tact, you are being forced into retracing your steps and your attitudes. In doing so, it is important that you watch for any warning signposts you see as you appear to be at odds with others. The tide of change is likely to produce sparks and even controversial actions and conversations, but they are unavoidable if you wish to ensure you are in poll position to branch out in the coming months. Domestic and partnership issues continue to offer new horizons, and whilst the urge to expand will become almost irresistible, gaining the support of others brings its own hurdles particularly around the 18th. This all sounds difficult but these are challenging and changing times Capricorn; some sacrifices will have to be made.

Aquarius (21st January19th February)

As Mars, planet of determination and energy links up with your ruler you should be prepared for information which will come your way in early April which could a have profound effect. Either way it will motivate you to research all avenues for answers and if that means taking time to add to your skills set with further study or coursework, it is all to the good; moreover it is likely to impact on your actions, your professional standing and even your finances. Meanwhile, there appears to be opposition to a plan or project and it may prove to be difficult to get the backing which you require from partners and peers. If matters get heated, take a step back to get a wider perspective, as indecision and even stalemate is likely particularly around the 18th.

Pisces (20th February20th March)

Profound and potent movement in the skies has caused you endless angst. Whether you are considering your monetary earning potential, your core values that is the things that are important to you, or merely pondering on whom and what is key to your happiness, one thing is certain: life will never be the same again. As a New Moon on the 3rd sows seeds for new ways to feel fulfilled, and gives you the ammunition to call the shots for a change, it gives you the incentive to start projects that are new, innovative, and ground breaking. Yes there will be moments of contention, notably with personal or professional partners over finances and assets, but it is important that you seize this opportunity to reinvent your finances whilst the going is good.

Copyright Patricia C Byron

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