New Redhill estate agency - the journey so far

PUBLISHED: 15:00 27 November 2015 | UPDATED: 11:41 30 November 2015

Thomas and Alex, Special Agents at Ralph James Estate Agents

Thomas and Alex, Special Agents at Ralph James Estate Agents


A new estate agency that sprang onto Redhill’s streets this autumn, Ralph James hopes to move places fast. Special Agent Thomas Collum takes a look back at the journey so far

Ralph James Estate AgentsRalph James Estate Agents

Name: Thomas

Position: Special Agent

Business: Ralph James Estate Agents

Address: 39 High Street, Redhill RH1 1RX

Tel: 01737 765555


Tell us a bit about your business…

After much work behind the scenes, Ralph James opened its doors in Redhill on Saturday October 10. The business has been created to provide a professional, comfortable and informal estate agency that delivers the very best in personal service, while adding a unique edge of design from our shop, to our marketing and through everything we do.

What have been your biggest success stories of 2015?

We’ve exceeded our own expectations in many ways, from the shop design to the immediate impact the business has had from the opening day. In our first month, we listed more properties than any other agent in Redhill (from stats provided by Rightmove), which is not a bad start for the newcomer. We’ve been really pleased with the public’s response to our opening and hope to continue to build from there. 

What was the original inspiration or passion behind the business?

We aim to change the world of estate agency within Redhill and Reigate. It’s our belief that formal corporate environments are very much a thing of times gone by, and that customers deserve and expect more nowadays. We offer a uniquely personal service and are accessible any time of the day. We aim to create the perfect blend between a traditional service and a modern agency embracing today’s technology to the max.

Are there any particular business lessons you have learned during this year?

Experience has proven that it’s essential to have the right team around you - you can’t just do it all on your own. It’s also been illuminating to note how vital a role social media plays when advertising your business to certain sectors of the market.

What do you bring to the area in which your business is situated?

We like to think that we bring a refreshing approach to estate agency through our high street presence, website and quality of staff. We offer value for money without compromising our service, and have an enthusiastic and hungry team with a desire to help all.

Have you come up against any challenges in 2015?

Having always worked for large corporations with great market share, the biggest challenge to date has been opening the doors and realising how few people know who we are in comparison. The challenge is to change that very quickly and firmly establish Ralph James as the new exciting agency people must see.

How do you see your business progressing next year?

We aim to help more people move than any other agent within RH1; increase our market share and build reputation by word of mouth; and utilise the huge gap in the market for a different approach to estate agency in Surrey.

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