Wowhaus Design, Guildford (since moved to Weybridge) - Surrey's best interior designers

PUBLISHED: 14:02 28 September 2011 | UPDATED: 06:48 23 September 2014

Wowhaus Design, Guildford - Surrey's best interior designers

Wowhaus Design, Guildford - Surrey's best interior designers

Bringing a new dimension to Surrey interiors, Emma Saffin is one half of the dynamic Wowhaus Design, which is based in Guildford, along with business partner Marcella Dunne

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine August 2011

Interview by Janet Donin


It’s no coincidence that Wowhaus Design aligns itself with the revolutionary Bauhaus movement of the 1920s, since both promote innovative design while embracing the classical roots of architecture. 

The company opened just three years ago in Guildford, with the clear vision of offering a broader approach to interior design.

“Essentially, we’re driven by a sense of architectural awareness,” explains 31-year-old Emma Saffin, pictured above left.

In short, working mostly on new builds and refurbishments, Wowhaus start off with the architectural plans and bring them to life through detailed drawings. These begin as sketches and are then developed on the computer.

“Our flair is in our creative knowledge and our skill is in the documentation of architectural details,” continues Emma.

Before considering the furnishings, the ceilings, flooring, the positioning of doorways, the shape of a staircase, creative lighting and even the internal layout of rooms are all addressed, because theirs is very much a technical as well as a visual approach to interiors.

“Clients often have an idea of what they want but struggle in knowing how to achieve it,” says Emma. “So we work with them through the various levels of design to help them achieve their dreams.”

In my view...

What do you love most about your home?
It’s a space I’ve tailored to suit my needs, which welcomes me home each evening.

Tell us the best thing about your job?
The diversity of our clients and their projects.

Has any one designer influenced your style?
Eileen Gray. She was a significant designer of the early 20th century’s contemporary movement who explored many aspects of creative design.

How do you like to relax?
Travel, travel, travel. As an Australian, I’m aware of what’s on our doorstep and grab any opportunity to experience new cultures.

Name your signature colour?
Warm grey, because it’s a great canvas for many accent colours.

What’s the next thing you will buy for your home?
I love adding to my collection of artwork, be it a big statement piece or small ceramic.

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