Superior wood flooring: 7 reasons to invest

PUBLISHED: 15:57 04 February 2016 | UPDATED: 15:57 04 February 2016

Walnut Herringbourne with maple tram

Walnut Herringbourne with maple tram


A solid wood floor can make a home, and with experience in installations and restorations alike, the One Wood Floors team maintains that there’s no project too small.


 If the streets of London are paved with gold, the floors in Surrey (and its surrounding areas) are lined by superior wood floors, or such is the impression you might glean when tuning into the chorus of unanimous testimonials on the One Wood Floors website - all to the good, of course.


 One Wood Floors is headed by Terry and Tony, a duo that have accumulated a respective 25 years in the industry. The team regularly fits their floors for a major high street department store alongside much smaller scale projects, such as treating existing floors in client’s houses or fitting standalone rooms.

Baked Oak flooring at Wood One FloorsBaked Oak flooring at Wood One Floors


 Although many impersonations pepper the marketplace, over time a solid wood floor justifies the expense that sets it apart from its host of counterparts not least because it will pay dividends in the future, with a more youthful appearance than carpet, less maintenance than glossy tiles and better durability than vinyl.



Oak Herringbone with Wenge Tram supplied, fitted, Stained Brown Earth.Oak Herringbone with Wenge Tram supplied, fitted, Stained Brown Earth.


1. Easy Installation - As a natural material that is sensitive to its climatic surroundings, it is fundamental that wood has chance to acclimatise its intended environment. ‘For this reason’ Terry explains, ‘our fitters request that you allow us to store the wood flooring in the room where it will be laid for three days before we undertake the installation’. Because of wood’s ability to warp and expand, the Kingston-based fitters ‘leave a minimum of a 15 millimetre gap between the flooring and its adjoining structures which are then covered with edge trim or skirting to handle the issue should it occur. During a consultation Terry’s team will also ascertain whether the installation will be undertaken using the ‘secret nail’ or ‘stick down’ method..


2. Durability - A quality wooden floor will last for decades, and where carpet may need to be taken up and replaced every five years due to everyday wear and tear, you will discover that these floors ‘will actually improve with age’. Terry recommends classic oak for a beautiful, honey-hued look in the years to come.


3. Brands - One Wood Floors stocks the best names in the business including Bolefloor, Boen, Ted Todd, Kahrs, Meister and Staki. The Jennings team are proud to offer the best handcrafted quality at mass-produced prices, meaning that you are spoilt for choice in options and budget.


4. Maintenance – Apart from being straightforward to clean, hardwood floorboards are subsequently more hygienic than alternatives such as a carpet, given the kind of nasties harboured in the pile can’t survive on a flat surface. In order to keep your floor in prime condition, Terry also notes the value of ‘applying floor protector pads to heavy items of furniture’ and using doormats to ensnare dirt and gravel before it gets trodden into or scratches the surface of the wood.


5. Restoration - When your floor does require some rejuvenation, Terry explains their offering of finishes, which include ‘wax, oil and polyurethane in a choice of matt, gloss, or satin’. The option to stain floorboards is also available for the interior design enthusiasts amongst us for a more bespoke finish. However, you needn’t fret about fumigating a room once these processes have been applied because through the use of ‘water-based lacquers’ and ‘specialist machines that collect 95% of the dust in a room’ the One Wood Floors team is both eco-conscious and on top of potential health hazards.


6. Under floor heating – Another added benefit of using solid wood flooring is that timber provides both its own natural heat and a great medium to install under floor heating beneath as well.


7. Fashionable – By now a solid wood floor may just seem like the gift that keeps on giving, but they inevitably have an unrivalled aesthetic appeal, too. Of all the alternatives, be it tile floors, linoleum or a shag pile carpet, a wood floor has the most modest and timeless appeal of all, offering shabby chic to a modern home or a more traditional, pastoral feel to a country cottage.


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