Key considerations prior to buying a new bed

PUBLISHED: 16:53 24 May 2016

With average 8 hours of sleep a person spends one-third of his life on bed. And it is this time that your body gets refueled with fresh energy.

How comfortable we feel during day depends a lot on how well we sleep and how well we sleep depends in turn on the physical comfort ensured by the bed and mattress holding our back.

Are you experiencing difficulty in sleeping? Do you often wake up in the dead of the night with an aching pain in your back? The problem is often not about the joint pain as envisaged by many but more about the bed and mattress you are using. If you experience no such pain and discomfort when sleeping on other types of beds, it is high time to consider buying a bed that will offer enough comfort to your body. While there is no dearth of high quality comfortable beds for any home, you can have a look at the Bedsos double beds for a stunning collection. 

Comfort should be the prime consideration

While buying a bed, it is the comfort that you should look for before anything else. Consider the following aspects.

• How the bed feels? Do you feel slightest discomfort while lying on your back or while tossing and turning your body? At least spread your body on it for half an hour to be assured of the comfort.

• Consider the right balance between softness and firmness of the bed. It should be soft enough to allow comfort and enough solid to offer support for your body.

• Finally, you need to consider is the bed spacious enough and does it conforms to your body shape. 

Buy a good mattress

Mattress is the most crucial element of your bed and it is this purchase that you should be more focused about. The true secret of having sound sleep is the comfort of the mattress. A bed is basically the combination of a mattress and the base of the bed working together to offer support and comfort. Naturally, you cannot consider them separately.

Suppose you went somewhere for holidaying and discovered that in the bed of the hotel you had a better sleep in comparison to your bed at home. This obviously shows that your home bed is not in right condition and maybe the mattress needs to be changed to ensure optimum comfort. There is a whole array of diverse types of mattresses available for different sleeping postures and body types. You can choose from diverse options such as spring foam, airbeds, mattress, futons, waterbeds and a lot more. But when choosing a mattress, it all depends on you and what you like. 

Mind the bed size

The thumb rule concerning bed size is to choose the largest sized bed your room can accommodate, because nothing offers more comfort than wider space to stretch and spread your body. If you sleep with your partner large bed size is a must, because with lot of space to toss and turn your body you never disturb your partner and the same thing happens on her part as well.

Even if you have smaller bedroom, you should at least go for queen size bed if not the king size. Besides ensuring larger size you should always ensure that the mattress is well supported by the base of the bed and it is not hung outside the bed suspending. The mattress should fit perfectly well on the bed to allow optimum support. Also consider using soft cotton bed sheets to let the mattress deliver its goodness to your body while sleeping. 

How to select the bed?

If you need to buy a bed immediately to have your night’s sleep that particular night, you may be wrong in making a perfect choice. Without experiencing the comfort of a mattress and bed for some time and without comparing the comfort level of a few beds you are likely to make a faulty purchase. So, instead of hastily deciding on your bed, it is the thing that demands more time for meticulous consideration. After all, a bed is going to play the most important role in de-stressing your body and re energizing your body with sound sleep.

So, for buying a new bed you need to try as many beds as possible in the showroom and take hell lot of time in comparing the comfort elements and actual experience by lying on them. Do not fear of losing your personal composure and looking funny while testing the comfort level on bed mattresses of different types. Just wear easy clothes, take off the shoes and lie on them flat and in different postures to judge the level of comfort and ease.

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