Inspirational designs from Vooi Interiors in Farnham

PUBLISHED: 12:52 19 March 2013 | UPDATED: 12:52 19 March 2013

Inspirational designs from Vooi Interiors, Farnham

Inspirational designs from Vooi Interiors, Farnham


Here we meet Farnham-based interior designer, Lucinda Voizey, to discover her inspirations for going it alone

Role: Owner and founder

Tel: 07799887719



Tell us about yourself…

I have always been passionate about interior design from an early age and graduated with an Honours degree in Interior Design from the University of Creative Arts. I have worked on a broad spectrum of projects covering commercial and residential sectors throughout Surrey and Hampshire. Whilst building my career I have also built my life in Farnham with my husband and had two beautiful and highly energetic boys. My boys are one of the reasons for wanting to go it alone so that I could be with my family for those all important events and milestones. The other main reason is that I simply love what I do and wanted to spread this passion to every project I am involved in. VOOI interiors can create the same excitement within you about your home or business that I feel when accepting a brief from a client. Me and my team will help you to create your own personal space, and I guarantee that we will handle your design requirements with the skill, expertise and the passion that they deserve.

What makes you good at your job?

One of the keys to my success is the ability to listen, understand and implement a client’s ideas and dreams so that the end result is specific to their individual needs and wishes. Ensuring a client’s personality is reflected in every project and the way they want to live and work is always paramount.

Are there any particular challenges you face and, if so, how do you deal with them?

Dedicating the right amount of time to the right jobs is important. I recall my first initial thoughts and ideas on a project and then come back later to collect my thoughts with a clear picture in mind to plan out the solution.

How are you handling the downturn in the economy?

I look at the downturn as a new positive challenge. I keep my costs lower by working online and this is reflected in my rates to my clients making it an affordable service. I am an off site designer which also saves time and money whilst still creating visually stunning bespoke designs.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?

Never spend everything! Have a clear objective for both short and medium term goals and always keep an eye on the finances, dealing with issues as they arrive. Always ensure you have a pot to dip into for taxes, company investments and unforeseen costs.

Are there any entrepreneurs you particularly admire and why?

Theo Paphitis - I like his style clear direct and to the point.

How do you manage to get the work/life balance right?

I have to plan out my time for both business and family very carefully. The results of all the hard work you put into your business should be enjoyed with family and friends to make it worth while, after all life is about living!

What will your legacy be?

I believe the surroundings you live and work in have a major impact on the way you feel and how you live your life. My legacy will be helping people achieve their own perfect living and working environments, ones which are truly right for them.

What do you most enjoy about doing business in Surrey?

Surrey is quite diverse with many like minded individuals, people who work hard and take pride in the appearance and in their homes and families. This makes what I do even more enjoyable!

A Brief Case…

The Apprentice or Dragons’ Den?

Dragons’ Den because I always looking for a good investors!

Lunchbreak or work right through?

Lunchbreak but short and sweet to replenish myself both mentally and physically. Food is one of my life’s passions.

Blackberry or iPhone?

iPhone everytime. I work on an iMac and am a true Apple fan.

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