7 reasons to hire an interior designer

PUBLISHED: 09:58 16 January 2015 | UPDATED: 09:58 16 January 2015


If you’re planning on investing money in your home and want to be able to showcase it to look its best, hiring an interior designer is a smart decision. Interior designers serve a purpose for all; whether you don’t know where or how to begin, are time poor or just need helping tying everything together. Interior Designer, Lucy Swales, gives us an insight into the benefits of using a design service when renovating your home.

1 - Save Money

Believe it or not, hiring an interior designer will actually save you money in the long run. Not only will you avoid costly mistakes by leveraging our expertise, but you will also save money on everything you purchase through us. At Lucy Swales Interior Design, we pass on our trade discounts to our clients, so typically they save between 20%-50% on the RRP and over a whole project these savings can often amount to more than our design fee. This makes our interior design fee self funding!

2 - Guidance With Planning & Budgeting

Many projects go wrong when there is not strict control over the planning and budget. From the very beginning, we create a solid plan of action and put together budgets that give you greater control over how and where your money is being spent. Knowing the order of things in a design plan is a vital part of ensuring that the desired outcome will be achieved and nothing is overlooked. This avoids you making hasty decisions that lead to costly mistakes.

3 - Save Time

Using an interior designer will save you a great deal of time because we know exactly where to go for all resources relating to your home. Should we not have this information readily on hand, we will spend the time researching, so you do not have to. Therefore saving you endless hours of researching products, brands and prices. We do the hard groundwork for you.

4 - Liaison and Contacts

We have a huge network of trusted industry contacts and contractors that we have worked with before. This saves you the headache of trying to source good and reliable people to work on your project and instead gives you peace of mind. Over the years, we have built excellent relationships with many suppliers, who often only deal with trade professionals, and we are able to leverage these to help bring you better prices.

5 - Wow Factor

We frequently have clients who say they want people to walk into their homes and say, “wow”, but they don’t know how to achieve this. Interior designers are trained to think outside of the box and to see the complete picture, which clients often find very hard to do. A designer has a wealth of knowledge about what is available and can therefore help you purchase new and innovative products that your peers will not likely have. Thus creating a truly personalised and unique home.

6 - Increase the value of your home

Whether you are thinking of selling or just want to ensure you make a good return on investment, we have a comprehensive understanding of the market needs and how to draw out the key characteristics of your home to increase its value. Through years of experience, we guide you to ensure that you get it right first time and the works that you decide to do will result in more money in your pocket, by boosting your buyer appeal and putting your home above the competition.

7 - A Trained Eye

An interior designer does not just add an extra set of eyes, but these eyes are trained to notice things that you may not have. The result of years of experience means that we are able to automatically advise on whether something is right or wrong within an interior. Having a consultant on call for the duration of the project is a major advantage when making aesthetic decisions and takes the stress out of the decision making process. We are always on hand to give you our trusted professional opinion and as a result we help give you the confidence to be more daring in your choices, than you otherwise might have been.


Customer Testimonial: “One of the best decisions I made was hiring Lucy to look after the complete renovation of our home and the results were breathtaking. Using an interior design company such as Lucy’s takes things to another level and the enjoyment you get from the finished product is enormous. Lucy has a depth and breath of knowledge and creative flair rarely seen. Highly recommend her services”. David Creane, Chairman Cowley Groves

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