The Salt Box’s Goatober adventures continue with Reigate supper club

PUBLISHED: 08:46 12 October 2017 | UPDATED: 08:50 12 October 2017

The kids are all right

The kids are all right


Having coordinated Surrey’s first Goatober campaign in Dorking last year, The Salt Box has teamed up with the Stone House Vinyl Café to bring the event to Reigate in October 2017

The Salt Box’s Beckie Wingrove and Christian Armstrong (Photo Simon Weller)The Salt Box’s Beckie Wingrove and Christian Armstrong (Photo Simon Weller)

What is Goatober?

In a world of declining resources, food insecurity and rising food wastage, they are putting kid goat on the menu in a bid to raise awareness of this delicious, ethical and underestimated meat.

Goatober is a month-long celebration of the billy kid goat, which is often seen as a waste by-product within the dairy industry and deemed worthless for the UK market.

It also happens to be delicious, mild and tender, with a sweet delicate flavour.

Why kid goat?

With a steadily increasing demand for goat’s cheese and goat’s milk within the UK, we are slowly starting to consider the fate of male billy kid goats, often seen as a waste by-product within the dairy industry and euthanized at birth. Up to 40,000 young billies are killed every year, with only 1% of billy kids kept for breeding. We’re throwing away an ethical protein source.

Through initiatives such as Goatober, there is a movement to ensure that wastage is prevented, whilst also raising awareness of a high-welfare, delicious meat.

The Salt Box work with Lizzie Dyer of Just Kidding to source kid meat. Sourced from their farm in Wiltshire, their kid goat meat is one of the few in the country supplying fully traceable, free range, pasture fed and reared to the highest welfare standards. It’s so good a number of their cuts have been awarded a gold star at the Great Taste Awards.

Christian on a recent visit to Just Kidding in WiltshireChristian on a recent visit to Just Kidding in Wiltshire

Kid goat meat will also be available to purchase throughout October at The Dorking Butchery and Robert & Edwards Butchery in Reigate.

Where did #Goatober originate?

The original #Goatober was launched in America in 2010 and was first launched in the UK in 2016 primarily by Kid-Goat supplier Cabrita. Beckie and Christian from The Salt Box coordinated the campaign in Dorking, alongside a number of local businesses.

Following the success of #GoatoberDorking last year, the team wanted to bring kid goat to Reigate. This year, there are also Goatober events in Bristol, London, Manchester, Northern Ireland and Somerset.

Who are The Salt Box?

Now based in Reigate, The Salt Box was born out of a passion for local produce and seasonal ingredients. Founded by partners Beckie Wingrove and Christian Armstrong, the team has set out on an adventure to bring people together through food and fire in and around the south east of England. The Salt Box combines open-fire catering, cookery courses and pop-up events.

Hay and Crumbs Amber Lager baked leg of kid ready to cook in the potHay and Crumbs Amber Lager baked leg of kid ready to cook in the pot

Who are you working with on Goatober, and why?

The Salt Box has teamed up with the Stone House Vinyl Café in Reigate, where their Goatober Supper Club will be hosted on Friday October 27. They are also working with a range of local suppliers including:

Crumbs: food waste fighters on a mission to create beautiful beer using artisan bread that would otherwise go to waste from Reigate’s Chalk Hills Bakery

• Reigate Beekeepers: local beekeepers

Chalk Hills Bakery: an artisan bakery and coffee shop in Reigate

The Gin Kitchen: an artisan micro distillery which makes fabulous gin in Dorking

• Dorking Community Orchard: a community project focusing on local and heritage varieties wherever possible, working hard to preserve an important part of the agricultural heritage of the Dorking area.

• Merstham Mix Community Café: 10% of ticket sales will be donated to Merstham’s upcoming pay-as-you-feel café that diverts wasted (but perfectly edible) food from supermarkets, restaurants and other local businesses and channels it into the creation of hearty meals that are affordable for everyone.

So what’s on the menu this year?

The Salt Box’s Goatober Supper Club menu aims to put kid goat’s versatility and flavour in the spotlight:

Canapes: Spiced Ras-el-Hanout kid liver / kid kofte, chilli jam and pickled pumpkin

Starter: Coarse kid terrine, pickled vegetables and sourdough

Main Course: Hay and Crumbs Amber Lager baked leg of kid; roast squash, toasted seeds, chilli and lemon; watercress, shaved fennel and apple salad; radish tabbouleh; and roast lemon and harissa yogurt

Dessert: Locally distilled gin and blackberry sorbet, orange granola, honeycomb, salted local honey

And what about the venue?

The Stone House Vinyl Cafe in Reigate combines the two loves of proprietors James and John – great music and great food. The menu is modern classic in design, and a year after launching the café is going from strength-to-strength. They’re based in a 14th century chapel but there’s nothing old fashioned about these guys.

Should we expect more of these themed events from The Salt Box?

The Salt Box are planning on hosting themed supper clubs on a monthly basis in a number of locations around Surrey. By joining forces with other inspiring local businesses, they are hoping to showcase the best produce Surrey has to offer.

• For more details and tickets to The Salt Box’s Goatober event at The Stone House Vinyl Cafe in Reigate on Friday October 27, click here. To learn more about The Salt Box’s work and future events, visit

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