Roast breast of quail, foie gras mousse and summer vegetables recipe

PUBLISHED: 12:02 21 May 2013 | UPDATED: 12:03 21 May 2013

This month's recipe

This month's recipe


A passion for quality ingredients and seasonal inspiration shape the menus formed by executive chef, Phil Dixon, at Langshott Manor hotel’s Mulberry restaurant

Summer vegetables

Baby leeks, blanched

Asparagus, blanched

French breakfast radishes,

blanched and raw

Peas, blanched

Baby onions, blanched

Pickled carrots and turnips

100g shallot, roughly chopped

30g caster sugar

10 black peppercorns

1 tsp coriander seeds

1 sprig of thyme

1 sprig of tarragon

1 bay leaf

400ml water

200ml vegetable oil

150ml white wine

150ml white wine vinegar

2 tbsp honey

1 bunch baby turnips, washed and stems trimmed

1 bunch baby carrots turned

1. Bring all the ingredients except the baby turnips to the boil and infuse.

2. Cook the baby turnips in a pan of boiling salted water until the turnips are cooked half way.

3. Pass off the pickling liquor, place back in a pan, add the turnips, carrots

and continue to cook until el dente.

4. Store in the liquor until needed to develop the flavour.

Roast breast of quail

1. Pan sear the crown on each side for three minutes and cook in the oven for four minutes and allow to rest.

Leg Ballontine

1. Debone the legs.

2. Place legs on cling film in a rectangle. Cover with cling film and flatten.

3. Place in fridge until needed

4. Blanch spinach and assemble into same size rectangle as the Quail legs.

5. Spread morel farce on it and roll up.

6. Spread some of the left over morel farce on to the legs and place the spinach morel roulade onto the legs.

7. Now roll up the legs in cling film and allow to rest for 10 minutes in fridge before poaching at 65 degrease for 40 minutes

Foie gras mousse

1. Warm the foie gras to room temperature and clean it.

2. Marinate with port, Madeira, brandy, sel de rose for about four hours before baking it on 230c

3. For about two to four minutes. Now drain off the foie gras butter and place in terrine mould.

4. Press for one night.

5. Take 150g of foie gras and blend in thermo mix pass trough drum sieve, adding 150g of whipped double cream.

6. Keep in pipe in bag.

Salt tuille

180g soft butter

45g sugar

30g salt

375g egg white

300g flour

1. Mix the salt, sugar, soft butter and egg white and slowly add the flour.

2. Rest in fridge.

3. Spread the mix thin onto baking mat and cook for one minute.

4. Take out and cut edges.

5. Now roll the strips around the handle of a wooden spoon and place in hot plate.

6. Dry until crisp

Sherry and cobnut vinaigrette

100ml sherry vinegar

100ml cobnut oil

100ml rape seed oil

70gr honey

50ml water

½ tea spoon gel espressa

1. Mix everything in thermomix. Add gel espressa and blend again.


Pea shoots, quail and morel consommé jelly and herb flowers

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