Michelin stars line up for the Hampton Court Palace, Foodies Festival 2011

PUBLISHED: 12:36 29 March 2012 | UPDATED: 19:20 20 February 2013

Steve Drake - Drake's, Ripley

Steve Drake - Drake's, Ripley

With Hampton Court Palace set to host the three-day Foodies Festival this May bank holiday, we asked three of the celebrated Surrey chefs involved, all of whom hold Michelin stars, to share their favourite recipes

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine April 2011

With Hampton Court Palace set to host the three-day Foodies Festival this May bank holiday, we asked three of the celebrated Surrey chefs involved, all of whom hold Michelin stars, to share their favourite recipes

Steve Drakes
Crme Renversee, Apple Tuile and Apple Sorbet

At his happiest in the kitchen of his acclaimed restaurant, Drakes in Ripley, Steve Drake produces innovative British food. His creativity and craftsmanship have been recognised with a Michelin star since 2005. Watch Steve Drake demonstrating how to cook the dish below, live at the Foodies Festival, on Sunday May 29.


For the crme renversee:
350g double cream
4 egg yolks
1 vanilla bean
60g sugar

For stock syrup:
(place all the ingredients in a pan and bring to the boil, then cool)
240g glucose syrup
600g sugar
1 litre water

For the apple tuiles:
180g stock syrup
Juice of half a lemon

For the apple sorbet:
400g stock syrup
400g peel of eight Granny Smith apples
Juice of half a lemon


To make the crme renversee:
1. Whisk sugar, yolks and vanilla bean together, add double cream.
2. Pass mixture through chinois/fine sieve into a metal jug.
3. Cover with cling film and place in fridge. Allow to sit for at least five hours.
4. Skim the foam off the top, put into six ramekins and cook at 120c in a bain marie with lid on for 30 minutes.
5. When cooked, chill immediately.

To make the apple tuiles:
6. Slice apples very thinly, place into stock syrup and lemon juice and put cling film directly onto the apples.
7. Allow to macerate for five minutes.
8. Lay onto greaseproof paper and dry at 90c for 30-35 minutes.
9. Remove from the greaseproof paper whilst it is still warm. Allow to cool completely before storing to retain its crunchiness.

To make the apple sorbet:
10. Place the juice of half a lemon in a big bowl.
11. 400g stock syrup into blender. Peel eight Granny Smith apples into lemon juice, ensuring they are well coated.
12. Weigh the peel and make up the weight with the flesh of the apples.
13. Blend for 1 minutes, strain it through a fine sieve and churn in an ice cream machine.

To finish:
14. Place crme in middle of a bowl with a ball of sorbet on top and dried apple pieces around the sorbet.

Michael Wignalls
Carrot Cake

Head chef of The Latymer at Pennyhill Park in Bagshot, Michael Wignalls cooking is celebrated for being complex but not intimidating. At the Foodies Festival, he will be cooking live in the chefs theatre.


For the carrot cake:
185g soft flour
3g baking soda
1g baking powder
205g castor sugar
80g virgin olive oil
65g melted unsalted butter
75g eggs
3g sea salt
240g shredded carrots

For the carrot espuma:
125g double cream
50g milk
50g carrot puree
100g carrot juice
3g gelatine
25g castor sugar

For the carrot parfait:
150g castor sugar
120g egg yolks
100ml cold water
150g carrot puree
6g gelatine
450g whipping cream

For the cream cheese frosting:
57g unsalted butter
112g castor sugar
1 vanilla pod
150g cream cheese

For the carrot jelly:
150g carrot juice
30g stock syrup
8g vegetable gel


For the cake:
1. Mix the shredded carrots with the 75g of flour.
2. Whisk eggs with sugar until light and peaked then add oil and butter slowly.
3. Sift all dry items into this mixture then lastly add the shredded carrot in small amounts until fully mixed.
4. Pour into lined gastro tray and bake at 165c fan speed 3.5% humidity for 10 mins.

For the espuma:
5. Warm to 75c then add the soaked gelatine, place into 1/2lt espuma gun and charge with 1 gas.

For the parfait:
6. Heat sugar and water to 116c and slowly pour into whisking egg yolks, making sure to turn down the speed on the mixer before adding, then turn to full speed for five minutes.
7. Add the carrot puree and then the melted gelatine and fold in semi whipped cream.
8. Pour into tube moulds and freeze.

For the cream cheese frosting:
9. Whisk butter and sugar until smooth and light then slowly add cheese and vanilla.

For the jelly:
10. Bring all to simmer for one min, then pass onto non-stick tray allowing a thin, even film to form.

To finish:
11. With a palette knife paste a thin layer of the cream cheese frosting onto the plate, making a waved pattern in it.
12. Place the parfait on top with a square of carrot jelly over this.
13. Break up the carrot cake into 1cm pieces and arrange in a straight line alongside the parfait.
14. Finally, just before serving, add a nice amount of carrot espuma from the espuma bottle. Finish with coriander cress and vanilla ice cream.

Shay Coopers
Smoked Eel Spaetzle

Executive chef at the recently Michelin starred Bingham restaurant in Richmond-upon-Thames, Shay Cooper delivers well-executed seasonal menus showcasing the best in British food and incorporating the finest regional produce. Shay has been entertaining visitors at Foodies Festivals since their launch, combining his cooking skills with tales from his experiences in some of the finest restaurants in the country. This smoked eel spaetzle is characteristic of the signature dishes found on the menu at The Bingham.


For the dough:
100g strong white flour
1 egg
60g full cream milk
2 teaspoons Pommery
wholegrain mustard

To finish:
100g smoked eel fillet, diced
50 g butter
2 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon Pommery wholegrain mustard
Fresh herbs (optional chervil and parsley are good)
4 egg yolks (optional)
Aged balsamic vinegar


To make the spaetzle dough:
1. Whisk flour, egg, milk and mustard together in a bowl, to resemble thick batter.
2. Place colander over a pan of salted, boiling water and gently push the batter into the water, through the holes using a spatula.
3. When the spaetzle rises to the surface, remove using slotted spoon, and place on an oiled baking tray. Leave in fridge to cool until needed.

To finish:
4. Heat the smoked eel in a pan with the butter.
5. Add two tablespoons of water to create an emulsion.
6. Add the cooked spaetzle, and additional Pommery mustard and warm it through.
7. Serve sprinkled with a few chopped herbs.
8. At the Bingham, this dish is served with a delicately poached egg yolk on top of the spaetzle. However, this is quite a delicate process, so at home Shay recommends you place a soft poached quail egg on top of each portion as an alternative.

To book your two-for-one tickets for the Foodies Festival at Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, which runs from Saturday May 28 to Monday May 30, please visit www.foodiesfestival.com or call 0871 230 5573, quoting surreylife.

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