Hogs Back Brewery launches new English craft lager, Hogstar

PUBLISHED: 19:14 02 December 2013 | UPDATED: 19:15 02 December 2013

Hogs Back Brewery launches new English craft lager, Hogstar

Hogs Back Brewery launches new English craft lager, Hogstar


A new ‘deep-brewed’ English craft lager is to be launched by Surrey Life Food & Drink award winner Hogs Back Brewery tomorrow.

With rich fruit flavours, a light but spicy aftertaste and a smooth, clean finish, Hogstar aims to deliver the refreshment of old style lagers with greater depth of flavour and aroma.

“Hogstar’s launch is right at the beginning of what will be a major and exciting change in the lager market, with many new lagers challenging the old global brands,” says the Tongham brewery’s chairman, Rupert Thompson.

“Our aim is to attract a younger drinker interested in a greater depth of flavour and aroma, and we have had a very good response from women as well as men. We have put particular focus on ingredients, in the hope that our target drinkers will enjoy a lager which combines refreshment, complexity and flavour all in one.”

Head brewer Miles Chesterman was given free rein, which saw him in local food and health shops, sampling a range of herbs and spices.

He blended the herbs, spices and hops in boiling water, before taking favourite combinations to a pilot plant to brew five trial brews on a lager malt base using two very different yeasts.

The winner was chosen after tests in pubs and with Hogs Back’s shop customers.

“Hogstar has been brewed using five different hops to draw out our desired combination of bitterness and aroma,” says Miles.

“It includes Fuggles from our neighbours at Hampton Estate in Seale - with lager malts, a hint of crystal malt and our botanical extracts. It has been fermented with special yeast and matured for over a month, during which time Hogstar’s flavours deepen dramatically, hence the descriptor ‘deep-brewed’.”

The 4.5% abv Hogstar will be available in Majestic Wine Warehouses in the South East; selected stores of Wine Rack, Budgens, Co-op and Booker and will sell on draught in the pub trade.

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