Free apples from RHS Garden Wisley’s orchards this autumn

PUBLISHED: 16:57 29 October 2013 | UPDATED: 16:57 29 October 2013

Apple trees at Wisley

Apple trees at Wisley


To celebrate a bumper harvest of apples this year, RHS Garden Wisley is inviting visitors to forage for free in their orchard and share in the glut of autumn fruit.

All members and visitors need to do is bring a bag, turn up between Wednesday October 30 and Sunday November 3 and help themselves for free – normal garden entry applies.

The event is a one off chance to take home some of the 600 different cultivars of apples that are grown at Wisley.

These include cultivars like Flower of Kent, which grew in Sir Isaac Newton’s garden; Old Pearmain which has been grown in Britain since 1200AD; and the Codling, which is mentioned in Shakespeare.

The domestic apple harvest this year has benefitted from near perfect weather conditions.

A long cold winter, warm summer and cold autumn nights have combined to produce a large crop with a rosy appearance and superior taste.

RHS Garden Wisley stores its apples, holds visitor tastings, picking days and supplies a huge quantity to the onsite restaurant and cafés but this year the cold-stores are still full.

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