Guildford’s Stu Henshall rocks into The Great British Bake Off 2015 with his ‘alternative kitchen’

PUBLISHED: 12:08 03 August 2015 | UPDATED: 10:46 04 September 2019

Stu Henshall (Photo: Mark Bourdillon)

Stu Henshall (Photo: Mark Bourdillon)

Having toured the world as lead singer and bassist of rock band, Subsource, Stu Henshall is now hitting the limelight on a very different stage. The 35-year-old, who lives in Guildford with his wife and two children, will take on all-comers in the hit BBC TV show, The Great British Bake Off

Interview from 2015


So, when did baking become the new rock 'n' roll?!

I think it is great how successful The Great British Bake Off has become and the audience it attracts. I was nervous about how I would be received but, up until now, have been really surprised how accepting the fans of the show are.


How did you first get into baking?

I used to watch my parents in the restaurant kitchen they owned and was always amazed by the magic of the oven - how something liquid could go in, and out would come this fluffed up awesomeness. My passion for baking and cooking has been on the up ever since moving out of my parents' house. I was as surprised as anyone though, when I realised my enjoyment of preparing the food was equal to that of consuming it; though I still very much enjoy that part, too.


Will your band and fan base be surprised?

There was a running joke on tour about how transfixed I would be on the various restaurants and bakeries we would pass on the way to different venues. They get it though, and I'm really grateful how supportive they have been. The fan base got a bit of a shock, but again they have been hugely supportive.


How long have you wanted to be on GBBO?

To be honest, I never imagined it until a couple of years ago. I am a massive fan of the show foremost and it seemed like a great way to enhance my fan experience. Honestly, that tent is pretty magical when you've avidly followed the amazing things people have made in there.


Do you have any signature bakes we should keep an eye on?

You should totally head over to my blog at where you can explore the digital representation of my culinary mind. You will find all sorts there, from all things bad for your body but good for your soul to spicy Middle Eastern shenanigans.


Back in Surrey, are there any local bakers you're a particular fan of?

There is a great stall at the regular Farmers' Market on Guildford High Street, which sells amazing slabs of cake. Too much for one person, too little to share! In fact, there is loads of great stuff at that market.


Finally, how do you fancy your chances against the 11 other contestants?

You will have to tune in and see…

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