How can I help my child build mental resilience and a healthy attitude?

PUBLISHED: 10:35 21 February 2019


An education expert from ACS International Schools, which has campuses in Cobham, Egham and Hillingdon, answers your questions

How can I help my child build mental resilience and a healthy attitude?

I think that many parents can sometimes be too protective of their children. While they may not want their son or daughter to have to cope with difficult feelings, overprotection can undermine their children’s ability to develop the resilience they will need in life.

At ACS Cobham, we want to encourage children, from a young age, to build resilience, recognise their own problems and independently develop solutions.

With young students in class, we explore ‘bounce-ability’ by bouncing different balls off the floor – a ping pong ball, a tennis ball and a clay ball – and align this to the different levels of effort required to bounce back, just as people bounce back from life issues.

Parents can help their children build resilience at home by:

• Giving children jobs at home to help them learn responsibility. For example, laying the table for a family meal or making their own beds

• Letting older children take charge in organising their school equipment. As a parent, you can run through the checklist, but the onus is on the child to make sure that they have the right kit in their rucksack

• Giving children physical freedoms to learn how to take an educated risk. For example, in gymnastics, athletes are given coaching to learn how to jump from the low bar to the high bar, but eventually, the athlete has to decide the right moment when to vault

• Developing a sense of patience by making children work towards an end goal, rather than giving them everything they ask for. Can they save their pocket money for that toy?

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