Win one of 10 family tickets to Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink 2013

PUBLISHED: 11:21 27 November 2013 | UPDATED: 11:21 27 November 2013

Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink

Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink

Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink

The ice rink at Hampton Court Palace is back again this winter promising a festive treat in a stunning setting. To celebrate its return, we’re giving away 10 family tickets...

With its world-famous location, the Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink is one of the most magical settings for winter skating fun this festive season.

Located in front of Henry VIII’s splendid red brick Tudor palace alongside the banks of the River Thames, skaters can enjoy the stunning surroundings as they whiz around the ice –and even more so at night when the palace is beautifully illuminated.

“People love to visit Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink, not only to soak up the festive Christmas atmosphere but what better opportunity to spend quality time with the family outdoors?” says Jamie Wells, director of PWR Events, which runs the ice rink.

“It’s a great chance to wrap up warm and take to the ice – where they can support one another so they don’t become ‘Bambi’ on ice!”

So, get ready to feel the cold tingle of the crisp winter air and glide around the rink in front of the breathtaking west front of the palace, all whilst taking in the festive surroundings around you.


• To celebrate the return of the ice rink for the 11th year, we have secured 10 family tickets to give away. To stand a chance of winning, simply answer the following question…

Q The River Thames would often freeze over in the past, resulting in the famous frost fairs of old – but what year did the last official frost 
fair take place?

Send your answers to: Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink Competition, Surrey Life, PO Box 12, Reigate, Surrey RH2 2DJ, or, alternatively, you can e-mail them to: (putting Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink Competition in the subject line). Please include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail if you have one, plus the answer to the question. The closing date for entries is: Friday December 13. Good luck!


Terms & conditions…

The winning tickets must be used between now and Saturday January 11, 2014 (the ice rink is closed on Christmas Day). A family ticket admits two adults and two children to the ice rink. Tickets cannot be exchanged. Tickets are subject to availability. Session times must be stipulated for ice skating at time of booking.


Need to know:

Where: Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey KT18 9AU

When: Saturday November 30 to Sunday January 12 (closed on Christmas Day)

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm (one-hour sessions take place throughout the day; see times online)

Ticket prices (per session): Prices start from £9 for children and £11.50 for adults (family ticket: £36/£38) 
NB: Entrance to Hampton Court Palace is not included in the ticket price – for information on tickets to the palace, please visit

How: Book for the ice rink online at

Skating lessons: For information on skating lessons, please send an e-mail to


10 top tips for beginners

Taking to the ice for the first time this winter? Here, skate marshall Tatiana Aspinwall shares her 10 top tips for a successful skating session

The ice rink can get quite busy at peak times, so be sure to book your slot in advance by visiting the website and think about going on a weekday when it’s likely to be less busy than at the weekend.

The next thing to consider is what to wear! Wrap up warm in a hat, scarf and gloves and, for extra padding, a soft thick coat – not too long though! – is always a good idea.

When it comes to choosing your skates, make sure they fit snugly and don’t be afraid to swap for a different pair if they don’t feel right.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend you use the wrist guards to protect you on the ice.

Use the barrier if it is your first time; it’s there to help you.

Adopt the right position – knees bent with the back straight. This puts your centre of gravity lower and provides more balance. Keeping your back upright and your head up will allow you to see people around you and also the fantastic view of Hampton Court Palace.

Walk like a penguin, so your toes point outwards, and take small steps. This will then lead to a gliding motion outwards on each foot.

Learn to stop! This can be done like a ski stop, where you point both feet inwards, but most people just use the barriers to stop.

To skate backwards, use lemon shapes. Have your toes touching and heels pointing outwards. Then push off the inner side of the blade, making your feet go outwards. Then use the outer side of the blade to bring your feet back together... creating a lemon. Do not lean back!

If you fall, roll onto your knees and then use one leg to step up. Most people fall a couple of times trying to get back onto their feet.

Stay relaxed and have fun. People that panic and are stiff are more likely to fall!

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